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Spa Petitchamps 0.5

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So you know how Spa is big. Well what if it wasn't.
And also what if it had giant stereotypical Belgian foodstuffs surrounding it.
Yeah, I dunno why either.


As you might have come to expect, a lot of this is bad. For example AI are not good, simply due to the extreme nature of the track; slower cars tend to be more fun here, fast ones just get crashy.

I do kinda want to improve some stuff later though, like add some buildings/grandstands, that type of thing. Ran out of time.

Also ran out of time for the car I planned to release with this track. That'll come a bit later.



In future I'd like to improve the following:
  • Add some suitable "caricature style" buildings/grandstands
  • Add transition textures to blend between the various surfaces
  • Add working cameras for the Reverse Layout
  • Add some different types of trees and maybe grass
  • Add a few more assets like Starting lights
  • Finish the car designed solely for this track
And maybe more I haven't thought of yet, so suggestions welcome.

Latest reviews

That reverse track is like designed to drifting, bonkers full send drifting! I love it! vid on youtube@rreiiskaracing
amazing but what are those vans in the pictures?
Ford Transit i made a long time ago, can be found here :)
such a funny map! tons on fun in the mftc3 cars!!!! highly recommned
Excellent work, thank you! My 5 year old great nephew is going to love this!
Awesome work!
Amazing. It actually kinda feels like the Nürburgring in real life. Way steeper than you would expect
Just drove the x2010 there, and that was the most fun I've had in a sim in a while. This is amazing 10/10 would drive again.
His is hilarious, amazing and challenging at the same time. I think you nailed it man, I haven't had such a big smile on my face for a long time. Well done!
Amazing. Please make more of these <3
Just fun. Find a light car that works well on cart tracks and throw it at this one. AI is even not half bad! This one is going to go down in mod history as one of the best/funniest.
Damn,It's so sweet too see my favourite Iconic track in such a form,It's so good,I don't know man, I just love it!!! It made me smile a bit,If I earn some money,hopefully be able to donate next week. would be nice If there is a server with it.
... love it.... love what people write, as i known what i'm workink on ;-)
THIS IS AWESOME! Using this with your Formula Student UCM 2016 mod is by far the most fun I've had in Assetto Corsa in quite some time! AMAZING WORK! My only change would make Eau Rouge narrower.
my first ever review, because this is simply brilliant!! i cannot explain how fun this little track is. i was getting so jaded of driving seriously, and this was the perfect antidote!! amazing work as always
as usual its the weird tracks that set Assetto apart. brilliant work as usual but my god this track is unforgiving as hell for drifting
Just perfect.
This is really great. Make more tracks like this !!!
When Eau Rouge becomes a Dukes of Hazzard jump, and the hairpin looks like Bristol's turn reversed...Yeah. This is a fun little roller coaster. Makes me wish there was a Wacky Races mod...
Best track ever

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