Safety Car

Safety Car 1.0

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In 2018 I drew this. I think you'll agree its a revolutionary concept and remarkable step forward in driver safety:

unknown (3).png

In 2020 I decided it was the right time (??) to bless the world with a driveable* version. I think you'll also agree the transition from idea to 'reality' is quite... striking:


*Highly debatable; Frankly the worst "car" I've ever driven in AC. I fully expect everyone else will have similar experiences, so no need to tell me how awful it is to pilot - I'm well aware.
AI also can't drive it. At all.

On the plus side, it has a full suite of LODs. Pointless, yes.
I think some of the texturing is quite interesting, though admittedly over the top.
Oh and driver animations, it definitely has those.

All in all, I cannot in good faith recommend you download this.
But if you do, just look at it. This driving stuff is overrated anyway.


Finally, I'll leave you with some words I said this time last year:

"But don't ask any questions, it is what it is." - Gary, April 1st 2019

Latest reviews

protects another head;)
Quite frankly the best car I've ever driven.
Work of art 10/10
The halo finally protects something important. 5/5 , would send to the FIA as a proposal for a new racing series.
More shitpost car like this. It's brutal!! XD
Isolation has it's toll...
You never cease to amaze! haha
Mad lol
3 Wheel physics in AC. Rad! :-P
How to properly establish dominance while going fast. Perfect.
In the words of Tina Turner "Simply the best"
I feel like this should be mandatory on Opel Corsa's from now on to protect our native Chavs.
This is so safe, I would drive it 500 miles and I would drive 500 more
You know it's funny when whatever this contraption you called has higher top speed than the Ligier JS8 S1....

The fact that this has better, proper LODs than crap "serious" IRL car mods makes it even funnier....
I can see a league starting...
I don't even know what to say...Thank you for making me laugh harder than I've laughed for a long time. 5 stars just for the sheer stupidity and 5 stars for the execution.
Yep, another day of epidemy and the isolation is taking its toll - first AC modder officialy has gone insane.
Yep, top tier quarantine content.

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