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Spider-Man F1 Team 1.0.1

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Spider-Man F1 Livery, Suit, and Helmet package for Modular Mods. Any feedback is appreciated :).
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Latest updates

  1. Suit and a tiny Car update

    For now removed the sponsors from the suit as I'm not happy with how they look and they kinda...

Latest reviews

Absolutely brilliant!! I love it, so unique and out of the ordinary, I especially love the suit, so meticulously well made with the webbing.. amazing!! But just one minor thing, could you please maybe remove or make the fonts 'Asus' and 'Honda' logos on the suit chest area.. otherwise it would be the perfect spidey suit, love the gloves and cap. Thank you, amazing mod.
HEY! Thank you for the kind words. In terms of the suit for now I removed the sponsors because I'm just not happy with how they look. What exactly did you mean by "maybe remove or make the fonts 'Asus' and 'Honda' logos on the suit chest area." Would love to hear from you!

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