Sportland - Sugo - upgrade visuals, grass, 3D trees

Sportland - Sugo - upgrade visuals, grass, 3D trees 0.9

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for sportland-SUGO by ManekingTS

-improved visuals
-3D Trees

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Latest reviews

thanks man! can you do the same but for the sportsland_sugo_mts2? i never could find sportsland_sugo_mts...
Track looks really good with it, but seems like some of the 2d trees weren't removed. Is there a way to get rid of them?
Trees are way too big and look comical in a lot of spots along the track. The new grass color is garish and completely out of tune with any of the other greenery around.
Overall looks pretty nice. Some suggestions for improvement though. There's reference to compiled_trees.bin, but no such file is included. That might help with the heavy hit for fps this has (I can normally run AC around 120 fps but this with under 50 fps). Also it would be nice to have VAO patch included.
Sorry man ima bone head when it comes to installation man, how do i install these brother? do i just unzip the file within the track folder?
Awesome (2)
Amazing work
nice upgrade!

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