STCC 2015, 2016 and TTA 2012

STCC 2015, 2016 and TTA 2012 2.6

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STCC 2015, 2016 and TTA 2012

Update v2.6:

* Updated materials and refmaps to use Reloaded shaders/RaceRemaster
* A few shape and normals updates
+ Minor other fixes




Eric Stranne and one of his friends for providing useful information about the setup of the real TTA cars.
Sven Hielscher for useful mod testing.
... and Simbin for the game etc... ;)

This mod is made to be uploaded at, and should not be uploaded anywhere else.


Andreas Larsson

Latest updates

  1. Edited for Reloaded shaders

    Update v2.6: * Updated materials and refmaps to use Reloaded shaders/RaceRemaster * A few shape...
  2. Fix for TTA s60

    Replaced old TTA s60 bodyshell that was included by mistake.
  3. STCC 2015, 2016 and TTA 2012

    Update v2.5: * Added STCC 2016 * Added SEAT Léon and Ford Mondeo body shells * Updated materials...

Latest reviews

Excellent mod! For those looking for a quick fix to get a higher top speed out of the cars, here's some instructions. If you're using the steam version go here...

Steam\steamapps\common\race 07\GameData\Teams\STCC_2015

in the STCC_2015 folder locate TTA.grb and open it with the notepad. You may want to make a copy of the original file before going further just incase anything goes wrong.

Copy/paste the following replacing everything under [GEAR_RATIOS]
ratio=(10,35) //1
ratio=(7,18) //2
ratio=(16,33) //3
ratio=(16,27) //4
ratio=(25,36) //5
ratio=(31,37) //6

bevel=(1, 1) // 1.000
ratio=(12, 34) // 2.833
ratio=(12, 32) // 2.667
ratio=(12, 31) // 2.583
ratio=(12, 29) // 2.417
ratio=(15, 35) // 2.333
ratio=(8, 18) // 2.250
ratio=(12, 26) // 2.167
ratio=(12, 25) // 2.083
ratio=(8, 16) // 2.000

Then just save the file and close it. This feels much more natural to the car and gives the car a top speed around 170mph. That's on Riverside, the longest straight I have. Changing this file changes all the cars since they all use the same driveline setup. You also have the ability to copy paste in the same setup from other cars BUT you need to also change the HDC file and match the "Gear1-6Setting" otherwise you'll end up with stacked gears. Speed safely!
everything is fine with this mod, however transmission seems a little short. cannot lengthen final ratio or top gear . Any idea ? all the cars seem to max out at appr. 225 kph. is that realistic ?
First off five stars is not enough this is an absolute gem of a mod the quality is amazing all cars look first class also the liveries and finish of this mod are beautiful, it will be a pleasure to take these cars round the circuits of Race 07 enjoying the well crafted physics of this mod for some time.
Thanks AndreasFSC for keeping this classic retro sim alive!!!!
Thank you, perfect mod
Crashed when loading a track. Installed on GTR EVO + STCC + STCC 2 and Yours Super Touring mod.
As you can see the mod works for most people here. For some reason(s) the game can still ctd for a few persons, but to downrate is not a good way to report a problem.
Little mistake in HDC.
CGRearRange=(0.56, 0.000, 0)
That's 56% of weight to rear axle, WTCC should have 60% to front. This more like Porsche.
The TTA cars have their engine just in front of the rear axle. Almost all the specs of these cars are from a mechanic who have worked with these cars.
Funny but accurate, this mod is just amazing... thank you for your job to keep alive this beautiful game.
Brilliant... I have to delete the old one or just let it overwrite?
It should be ok just to overwrite
Brilliant job as usual Andreas, good to have extra more touring car action for Race 07.
One of the best car packs, together with the Super Touring.
Thank you for everything you did for Race 07 Andreas! Great to see this mod still being updated.
Great work ! I want to say only one thing : When you make mod like this, you must to know that do to grow what i feel for Race 07. Thanks !!!
Wonderful mod!!! I love these cars!!

P.S. You should add the circuit of Solvalla to the mod, that was present in STCC 2015
Thank you Andreas. This is another wonderful mod. To have these up to date cars in my race 07 garage breaths new life into this still thrilling sim.
Yes we should have Solvalla and Skövde, but I don't have the tools, skill and time to make them sadly
5 star work.

High quality, scratch made content, accurate but fps-friendly, all done by one person for no profit. This is what modding is all about.
Thank you, good to know I'm not the only one that still play this game :)
Great STCC mod. Beautiful car models. Thank you very much!
Perfeito, troquei a pasta com ele indicou e ficou perfeito!!1
A great selection of car models, perfect drivability.
Good stuff!
Very good

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