Stewart SF01 for Sauber C31 (SD)

Stewart SF01 for Sauber C31 (SD) 1.1

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Custom Stewart SF01 livery made for the Sauber C31.

Originally made for my brother to use, this livery won't see much use so I'm uploading it here for y'all to use.

A bit of creative license was used in the creation of this, but it's close enough to the real thing that I can call it finished.

Inlcudes accurate driver names, flags and numbers.

This livery is 2048x2048 because I didn't realise I could make it bigger at the time. I won't remake it in a higher resolution because I would have to remake the entire thing and I'm too lazy to do that, quite a lot of work went into just making the Stewart Racing Tartan ribbon. Besides, when you're on track you won't even notice the difference between 2048, 4096 and 8192.


(Above image includes an issue that has since been fixed, will update image in the morning)


Additional images:

Above images feature these tyres:
I highly recommend using them, they suit the livery quite well and are a nice change from the standard Pirellis.

Created in Paint.NET with the use of
Seriously a great resource, I highly recommend them for creating a custom livery.

1) Backup existing files (ALWAYS do this before making changes to game files)
2) Unzip .rar file
3) Navigate to your installation of F1 2012
4) Copy and paste the unzipped folder over the F1 2012 folder
5) Say yes/"copy and replace" to any and all conflicts (it's simply overwriting the old livery files)

Replace the files with the backups you made.
Don't have backups? Verify integrity of the game cache, this will remove any and all mods or custom liveries you're using.
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Latest updates

  1. Tartan Ribbon Nose Fix

    Fixed the tartan ribbon on the right side of the nose. Thanks go to ChargingCar for this.

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