SubStanding 1.1

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This app provides 6 widgets:
  • Full standing
  • Full standing for your class (GT3, GT2, ...)
  • Full standing for the same car
  • Global position
  • Class position (GT3, GT2, ...)
  • Same car position
The "standings" widgets display the best lap times during practice and qualification.
During races, they will display the distance (metric or imperial) or time between you and the others as well as if people are in pit and their pit stop count during the race.
In addition, if the driver is close to you, the delta is colored as follow:
  • Green: In front of you, in the same lap
  • Red: Behind you, in the same lap
  • Yellow: In front of you, not in the same lap
  • Blue: Behind you, not in the same lap
You can highlight some drivers by editing the file SubStanding_drivers/drivers.ini and adding the names of your teammates or rivals. Your teammates and you will be displayed in cyan, and your rivals in magenta like you can see in the picture below:

SubStanding_drivers/drivers.ini content for this example:

driver1 = Tuomas Tahtela

driver1 = Albert Sultan
driver2 = Anders Wilhelmsen

The in-game configuration widget let you change a lot of settings:


Here is an example with the "Max drivers" limited to 7, 5 and 3:


And with imperial units:


Tha classes can be configured in the SubStanding_classes/classes.ini file, by following this example:

[GT2 Class]
car1 = ferrari_458_gt2
car2 = bmw_m3_gt2
car3 = p4-5_2011

[GT3 Class]
car1 = mercedes_sls_gt3
car2 = mclaren_mp412c_gt3
car3 = bmw_z4_gt3

You can add as many classes and cars as you want, as long as you respect the synthax.

The "position" widgets are much smaller and give your position like the picture below. It can also be configured with the in-game configuration widget.


I hope you enjoy it and let me know if you've got any problems or suggestions :)


- Added type compounds display


- New system to prevent the standing shuffle during the first lap of a race
- New column to show if a car is in pit or not and the pit stop count during the race
- Classes updated with the new cars


- Bug correction, delta labels were not colored green/red/yellow/blue anymore


- Bug correction for getting length of multi-layout tracks


- Fix for AC 1.3 64bits
- Teammates and rivals are now highlighted in practice and quali too
- Added the new GT3 cars to classes.ini

- Added car's badges to the standing
- Added delta time (estimation)
- Added teammates and rivals highlighting feature
- Added support for an unlimited drivers count
- Updated classes.ini for ACRL Season 3


- Support for the multi-configurations tracks in AC 1.1.X (Vallelunga and the Nürb)
- Support for the track length in AC 1.1.X that is in meters now (it still works with modded tracks that have the length in km)

- Bug correction, a wrong folder name was preventing the app to load


- Added a configuration widget with a lot of settings (AC logo, title, font size, opacity, border, show/hide deltas, metric/imperial units, color distance, max drivers displayed)
- Classes are now defined in the SubStanding_classes/classes.ini file.
- Bug correction at the end of lap 1 during an online race

- Added green, red, blue and yellow color gradient to the drivers close to you
- Added icons
- Bug correction for the race start (before the first s/f line)
- Bug correction for the color of the user's lap time for practice/qualif
- Bug correction for the 24th driver

- Bug correction when a car that is not in any class is used

- Initial release

  • Rombik for the sim_info module
  • Ka0s for the json_data module
  • Rivali (OV1Info) and Fernando Deutsch (ferito-LiveCarTracker) for the inspiration and example.
  • ExOAte for the beta tests and ideas

Latest updates

  1. Added tyre compound display

    v1.1 - Added type compounds display
  2. Bug fix, cars in pit, pit stop count and classes update

    v1.00 - New system to prevent the standing shuffle during the first lap of a race - New column...
  3. Bug correction, delta labels were not colored green/red/yellow/blue anymore

    Bug correction, delta labels were not colored green/red/yellow/blue anymore

Latest reviews

Great app mate!! Thaks
PERFECT App thank you
It's amazing, exactly what I wanted, and mostly everything works fine - but when I watch a replay, it only shows the best laps on the standings, not the distance between each player. & doesn't work on either imperial or metric
Minimalist and perfect
Its the best leaderboard app!!
This is just a must have app!!!
The app is great for an overview. I've actually added some changes which you can see in the Discussion tab, like others before me, to be able to get a realtime relative like the original "Realtime" AC App does.
Exactly what I was looking for. Thanks a lot!
Great Job man, !
Great replacement to the gaudy default standings. Only Issue I've run into is some custom mods have multiple drivers or super long names and it runs into the times.
Fantastic, Is possible to give a color icon, or some colors for each class?

nice app, finally can see a class racing rank, stock game should have this , its a nice configurable improvment. I'm using v1.2 in support comments that was modded. I like to have small car icons , as some of the logos are a bit to small to see and its nice to have option of the mini car icon . the logos are less useful.
Please add the ability of spectating drivers by clicking on their name on the leaderboards, would make the app absolutely perfect for streaming, as I havs to use another external app for changing between drivers if I want to use this app's tower display
i was looking for an app like this for long time. you should change the name to something with "relative" so it will be easier to find
It's possible to put the initials of name, not the name?
One of the more unknown apps, but i love it. So many league mates asking for this app, after they have watched my onboard videos.
Super useful app
simlpy perfect,well done

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