SUV Cup Skins - Wave 1

SUV Cup Skins - Wave 1 1.0

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NOTE: For this mod you require the Kunos SUVs and the AssettoDrive X6M (if you don't already have it, it's not hard to find). The install path should already be set up so dragging and dropping should work, but I haven't tested it. Let me know if it doesn't.

Currently I'm working on a custom championship for Assetto Corsa using the often forgotten-about SUVs. There are four in the series, the Three Kunos (Maserati + 2 Porsches) and the BMW X6M.

This is the first wave of low-quality skins for this championship I'm making in case you want to use them. There are currently 5 teams, with 15 more planned to be released over the next few weeks or whenever I get them done.

Again, the end goal is just to have these simple GRID-style racing liveries for my custom championship and to liven up the SUVs a bit. I'm putting them out there for you all to enjoy and use in your own custom careers as well. If I get around to posting my championship in the AC Careers folder, these waves will be linked in that mod's page as well.

If you have any suggestions for brands you'd like to see in the subsequent waves, let me know.

Here is a brief overview of the 5 teams in the first wave of four.

Samsung Racing (BMW X6M)

Nestle Racing (BMW X6M)


Advanced Clutch Technologies (Maserati Levante)


GReddy Racing (Maserati Levante)

HiFonics Racing (Porsche Macan)

Latest reviews

Wow, interesting concept, hope you'll release the other skins too eventually cause it'd be great to have the full grid, I'd use the skins for a custom championship for sure. :))
Thanks, I actually have some more made and am testing my own championship. But they will be coming soon hopefully.
Nice work! Now I finally have a reason to use the SUVs in the game :)
Excited for the next wave!
I've never seen racing skins for the Macan and Levante before so that's quite useful. Thank you for your work.
Thank you very much. Stay tuned for the following waves which will add more to these and also cover the Cayenne.

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