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Suzuka 0.9

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Suzuka International Circuit 0.9

Original from Slimjim for Rfactor.

* Ai are only for having tv cameras working, i don't know if they work properly for racing. (honestly i could not care less about Artificial Idiots)

If you find bugs please report.

have fun.

Latest reviews

This is terrible, the corners dont even feel like the real one. I know its not a laserscan but a conversion from rf1, but at least you could get some angulations right, let alone the width of the track at certain points. Shame there isnt any good suzuka out there for AC
Deleted. Crazy bumpy, worst track ever.
Thanks, good job
great work
Fantastic job.Very good track.
good job
the track textures looks good but it has horrible angles on the turns (they are all flat with little to no banks where there should be).
Amazing !!!
Whatever it is, no Suzuka from the track layout, no asphalt (some wannabe virtual sand?) - there is a very good Suzuka available at ac-reboot.
Nice track the map doesn't sink with AC TRACK MAP TOOL
Great track, looks complete but what's with the 0.1 short of a 1.0, looks finished to me plus you don't need cardboard crowds (I prefer no crowds like most race meetings are)
Albert McSaltens - Track Mod - Suzuka 0.9 ai fix
Great track! the conversion is quite good, just some heavy bumps you can manage with practice and the asphalt texture a bit too dark.

Video driving on it:
Well, this is the better of the two Suzuka tracks available on AC but as of now, it is too bumpy for the T125 S1. You might want to look into smoothing the section of the track from the last chicane and the last curve downhills heading towards the starting line.
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
hehehe i find funny how some guys complain on bumps when this is perfectly drivable with any car, do you think real life tracks are like carpets?
Good on most counts but low poly track surface makes it unusable in f1 car
I cant believe how good this track is, thank you for the mod :)
Great Track. Thanks
This is really very nice, it's just become my favourite track, detail is second to none IMO
Drives very nicely, and FPS is great. Quite a fun track.
Other than that, graphically, it could have a better tarmac texture, and the shadows seem to be casted to the wrong direction from the real track. also, it seems a little flat at some areas (like not having enough banking).
Albert McSaltens
Albert McSaltens
the sun is positioned in the real spot so shadows should be right

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