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SweetFX + Reiza settings for GSC Extreme & Formula Truck 2013 SweetFX V1.512

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This is the SweetFX graphical plugin 1.4 packaged with some recommended settings from ourselves. It can be used with both GSC Extreme as well as Formula Truck 2013.

SweetFX comes with a performance hit (how much depends on the system) and might not work for everyone, so be advised. It will also overwrite default d3d9.dll.

Our settings are subtle, basically just adding a mild HDR effect, better contrast and color balance to the original graphics. Check comparisons below:

With SweetFX:

Without SweetFX:

With SweetFX:

Without SweetFX:

With SweetFX:

Without SweetFX:

With SweetFX:

Without SweetFX:

INSTALLATION: Just unrar the package into your GSC2013 folder.

Once installed you may also switch it on and off directly in-game by hitting ScrollLock.

Latest updates

  1. v1.512

    Sorry, minor file mix-up with the version uploaded earlier today prevented trackmap from working...
  2. Updated to SCE v1.51 compatibility

    Since SCE v1.51 reverts to the old trackmap solution, some file renaming is required for SweetFX...
  3. V1.50 compatible, improves perfomance.

    Updated to use SweetFX v1.51 - adds compatibility for SCE v1.50, same-ish settings, but much...

Latest reviews

will this work in rFactor?
Very good! Softer and beautiful.

Thank you!
Top notch addition. Love the new look with this mod.
Looks and works great!!!
Thanks! being looking for some subtle depth
I'll use excellent this time instead of Sweet! Love the subtleness of it - a nice bump in graphic fidelity without overdoing it.
Now this looks cool. Thank you so much

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