Telemetry Overlay

Telemetry Overlay 1.6

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Telemetry Overlay

RSC - Input Display - Modular.djson.00.png

  • This is a modified version of the overlay made by romainrob for simhub. It's meant to look like the one available in racelab, but for simhub.
  • This dashboard requires the Input Display plugin by romainrob which you can find here. (read how to install)
  • If you face any issues installing please let me know on discord at Jimbob#5345!
  1. You will need to download romainrob's collection installer here.
  2. After you've downloaded it and ran it it might promt you to close simhub to which you need to click "yes". After doing that you'll need to press next.

3. After you've done the following you'll need to select what you want to install, assuming all you want to install is the input display you'll have to select that in the drop down menu.​
4. After that you just need to click install and you're done with the installing part.​
5. Now you'll need to open simhub and head to additional plugins and select "RSC - Input Display" and select your steering axis:​
6. And with that you should be all done!​

Latest updates

  1. Updated to V1.6

    Reduced the total time across both charts, added gears and speed (in Kmh) and overall made the...
  2. Made the dash look a bit more silimar to the racelab one

    Made the telemetry charts and the gauges bigger, made the main background and the chart/gauge...

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