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Texas World Speedway 1.1

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The historic Texas World Speedway is one of only seven Super Speedways in the USA and was the only Super Speedway in the Southwest until Texas Motor Speedway was built.

Included in this release are 6 layouts.

In real life, the track is not in great shape. These days, only the 2.9 mile clockwise and counter(anti) clockwise versions are used.

The historic oval is very fast, but there's no modern safety equipment - drive at your own risk

1.00 Release Notes:
  • RealRoad works, including curbing
  • Corner Workers work, but aren't very easy to see (they are positioned accurately to real life)
  • Some basic night lighting included
  • 4 HDR profiles included, 3 are Tosch's (recommend overcast)
  • Rubber for each track included - select the correct rubber (they're named accordingly - tws18_rubber, etc.)
  • AIW is not great, but works (recommend 105-110% AI strength)
  • Cameras are not great (I suck at cameras - sorry)
1.1 update list:
  • doubled the resolution of road textures
  • improved quality of grass texture
  • added grip to gras material in .TDF
  • added pit box markers
  • fixed a couple of minor curbing issues
  • relocated 3 cornerworkers for accuracy
  • increased the banking on turns 2&3 of the oval
  • removed trivial objects from review mirror using VisGroups
  • re-did left and right path in AIW
  • added block path in AIW
  • modified HDR profiles
  • added layout text to icons

Latest reviews

One of the finest work for RF2. I love the road layouts.
Thank you for this. I did a lot of track days in the mid 90s at TWS. Most turns are like I remember them... except for a part of the infield on the 1.8 mi course we used most. But I am sure it is my memory that is the problem and not this track. The other turns it gets just right.

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