The Dunes

The Dunes 1.1

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My second track completely offroad with a desert like terrain and I'd appreciate any comment even negative.

The track has 2 layouts (normal and reverse) and it is still in progress in order to fix some some terrain textures.

If you really want to enjoy disable penalties and use some rally category car.


- different long jumps (do not exceed 110 km/h)
- drivable grass or stones on the track

Race available as well (6 pit lanes, but best is 1to1).
If you want remove the particles just update surfaces.ini

Any question or suggestion please contact me.

If you look around the track there is a tricky terrain track.

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    ZIP file is now ok.

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I'd really like to give a decent score for this effort as we simply have few 'desert' tracks but when I fired up my Dakar Kamaz the message received was 'Track Not Found'......shame.
But keep at it as I'm sure it can be sorted.
Hi, thank you for your score. I am sorry that didn't work but if I can help you can contact me.
Btw can you try to install using Content Manager > Upload from file and select the file?
I tried and I didn't get any error after uploading.
You can also try to reload Content Manager, open Content > Tracks and select The Dunes.
Then try to Reload and Drive.
If you need more help please contact me.
Send me your structure folder from assettocorsa/content/tracks/the_dunes_1.1 so I can check if some file is missing from the installation.
I've been waiting to ride in the dunes. Interesting track. When you jump on the track in the VR world, you get the feeling that you are in the desert among the dunes. Set time to afternoon, then it looks great! The sand has some great features, too. There is something strange about physics though, not sure what it is. Maybe car slides to much in the sand. Very promising! Keep up the good work. It would be great to be able to drive freely along the dune. PS: Do the tires really squeak even on the sand?
I thank you very much for your comment! I am working in order to make all the terrain available for free driving. Depends on the phisics and I think also the texture. I mean if you apply a texture over the main one it looks ok, but also depends on how much details are created (polygons quantity that means more polygons large file dimension). Yes I am working in order to avoid the tires squeaking.
Thank you again and enjoy driving!

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