The Isle Of Man TT

The Isle Of Man TT 1.0

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The Isle Of Man TT is an annual motorcycle race held on public roads over a 37.73 mile course.
The lap record, from 2016 is by Michael Dunlop on a BMW S1000RR in 16:53.929 an average speed of 133.962 mph.
Known for being extremely dangerous in the event of a crash, only the brave race here!

Grateful thanks to Brendon Pywell for creating Race Track Builder,
without which I could not have created this track. Thanks also to those who made available their xpacks.

Working ai.
20 pit boxes
Track map.
Ideal line.
Collision walls.
Separate road mesh.
Although there are no tv cameras yet, there are onboard cameras for replays.

Latest reviews

Thx and I do appreciate the efforts a lot. And no offense - but when I look at the track from that famous PC-Motorbike-Game I wonder if we will ever see a conversion for AC with that amazing quality and details. Dunno what experts say if it can actually be done - but if so I would gladly donate for that track for sure. :-)
look like i dirve on earthquake road;also pit start.need a big update please.
Graphicly it needs some work to be done but honestly its 60 km of fun. Get a rediculusly powerfull car, drive as fast as you can and try not to die.
big project,thanks your hard working
Needs a lot of work, all cars seem to quiver like jelly even when sat still and the render distance is about 50ft
I love your version of this track! Perfect amount of detail for the length, @180mph I'm not looking at the buildings lol
Unfortunately, I am also having the quivering car bug which makes the track unusable for me, except for car testing (I'm working on a tune for a WRX to get close to the TT record-holding car from 2016). I've tried fiddling with everything I know on my end but to no avail....
I'm giving it a 4 star because I know you will fix this bug for us, and when you do I'll have it featured on my AC server for a good while :)
I appreciate that recreating the TT course is quite a task but considering this is arguably one of THE most famous road courses in the world, this mod is very lacklustre.

The textures are really low res, the map barely extends beyond track limits and fades out to white (which just ruins the aesthetics of this legendary track) features are missing, the circuit feels lifeless and flat. No spectators, marshals, billboards and signage, houses are low res each section of road just fades into the next (when irl they are different all over the circuit). All the wonderful spirit and feel and look of the TT is lost which is perhaps this mod's greatest crime.

Needs a LOT of work.
What. A. Job ! I love those road tracks, very fun to drive on ! 60 kilometers of fun ! Thank you so much !
no grassland!and somewhere are too dark
Wonderful !!!!!
I hope that this track will be improved
Awesome! Smashing.-
Wow - when I found this on the list of tracks here on RD I assumed it was the old version - I was blown away when I left the pits and suddenly thought 'hang on...this looks different'.
Obviously due to the extreme length of this track it must take you forever to work on all the individual buildings etc. so don't worry about some people criticising lack of detail in places - not surprised considering. I am also getting the same bug with the 'quivering car' problem - but I just switch to bonnet view instead for this track. Bit of a mystery why that happens. Really eagerly anticipating updates for this. Thankyou for all the hours of hard work you've put into this so far - keep going man - it's worth it for the satisfaction of knowing you're creating the best version of this track EVER. It's not like anyone else would have the balls to take on such a massive project.
Great work - really impressive.
love it!
Great work! Thenks!
Wow. now proper Man TT track!

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