The Tajo Hillclimb

The Tajo Hillclimb 1.2

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The Tajo Hillclimb
The track runs from Poveda de la Sierra to Taravilla. Two locations located in the Alto Tajo Natural Park, Spain.

Much of the stretch is just inspiration, no attempt has been made to copy the exact reality.

It is my first contact with modding in general. Thanks to RTB I was able to start from 0 in this world.


Thanks to Mau92 ( for the screensshots! :D

Traffic Version
Thanks to A3DR for the screensshots!

3D Trees
Million 2face trees
Working timing
Track Sections
Dynamic objects
Thanks to:
NgPlant, Blender and Race Track Builder
To all who have shared BTB Xpacks
Lemax: For Gas Oil, some houses and possibly something else
Kunos: For making an open game.
RaceDepartment: Neuralgic simracing center
And a lot more people doing 3D tutorials, blender etc ... that surely left out.

Track Install
(If you have a previous version... Delete existing tajo folder before installing)
Copy the tajo folder into your assettocorsa/content/tracks folder.

Know issues / To do List:
* ai_hints of Race version.

Traffic track addons:

* Traffic mod with random start in 2 directions (36 cars)
+ Track cameras
+ Ai_Hints
* Pont to Point Hotlap Taravilla > Poveda
+ Track cameras
* Race mode Poveda > Taravilla (17 cars)
+ Track cameras

You can find it by visiting the online store
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Latest updates

  1. Pit Box Fixed

    Version 1.2 - 02/08/2017 * Asphalt more clear. * Pit Boxes fixed, now runs in track day! * River...
  2. Version 1.11 - minor bug fixes

    VERSION 1.11 07/06/2017 * I can't get a lap-time (AB) Fixed. * 16000m / 32000m on the track...
  3. VERSION 1.1 04/06/17

    Version 1.1 25/04/2017 CHANGELOG: * Improved performance!! uff... * Added HD road mesh (700k...

Latest reviews

very good map i suggest you to download it
Beautiful and very detailed,I like this high quality track!
Excellent job !
I have downloading the traffic addon,it's very amazing.
Thank you.
thank you.
Very nice cams and road
What amazing road/track! So fun to drive! And the scenery in so beatiful. When you drive around just before sunset with light gloving around, this looks amazing. It feels like you are driving for real (in VR). Really good road surface with nice bumps.
its good
I found out about this track reading another thread on RD this week. I have had so much fun with it the last 48hours. Excellent work. Tried it with the Tatuus, 2007 Ferrari, Porsche RSR and a few others. Great work Rafa
great track, downloading the traffic addon works like a charm, I'm sure 1302shaun just didn't read the instructions on the website like click "return to seller" button in PayPal and go to your account to download the traffic addon
payed for it two days ago,,, still nothing
No me deja abrir el comprimido de la versión completa que he adquirido. Compartes la contraseña pero no funciona y sólo descomprime una parte, podrías ayudarme?
Such a beautiful and well detailed high quality track! The visuals and flow of this track is amazing. Really wish you could update it to include special features from CSP such as rainfx, lighting, grassfx, etc.
Love this track. I just discovered it and paid for the two-way traffic mod immediately. Great in VR with the undulations, steep bits and moving my head to peer around the blind bends. I made a YT vid to show off the traffic mod - great stuff
jai payer une contributions mais je nest pas la fichier comment dois je faire merci
Very Well
It may be old, but I think it's possibly the best looking track in Assetto Corsa?
its very cool

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