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Top/Center Flags for VR 1.1

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Top/Center Flags for VR


I used the default Assetto Corsa flags to create a pack centered flags for VR.

Just copy your specific flags folder to x:\....\Steam\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\content\gui and replace the default flags folder.

The pack depends on your monitor (or downsampled) width resolution:

- RESOLUTION=1920x1080 choose 1920p pack; etc

A big thanks to the creators of Assetto Corsa!

Please report bugs and issues, thank you and have fun! :)

Latest updates

  1. Top/Center Flags for VR 1.1

    update 1.1: - added 1280p Please report bugs and issues! Have fun!

Latest reviews

Thanks! :)
Must have for AC VR
Must have for VR
A must have for VR.
Ingenious! Very low tech answer to a long standing tricky problem. I would have never thought to try that in a million years! Thanks.
Thank you !!! so awsome !!
In my "essential mods/apps" folder. Really nice add for VR users. Thanks
Thanks a lot! The 1920 res set worked a treat with my DK2.
Thanks, i always missed the flags before. No i can see them finally. Great work.
Kunos needs to implement this for VR! This is an essential app for VR, thanks.
excellent job, thank you. It makes it so much easier to see the flags now.
Many thanks! \o
A must have. Works great (tested with OpenVR/Vive)
Thank you very much!

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