Track Bathurst

Track Bathurst 0.2

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Latest reviews

-It's Bathurst
-Relatively easy to drive around on

-Too wide
-Too bumpy
-Griffins bend feels too steep
-No track run off coming out of Skyline into The Esses
-Sponsoring is unrealistic
-Trees are not in correct places compared to real life
-AI is too slow
-Walls are too grabby and glitchy
-It's a port from NFS: Shift 2 Unleashed
Love it. Yeah it isn't perfect but heaps of fun to drive all the same. I avoided this for awhile because of the bad reviews but wish I didn't. Set the ride hight up guys, The Bathurst Regional Council don't have the same budget as Spa.
a bit too Bumpy and much too wide. And no new versions since 7 month...without AI or something else....track is dead
Too wide !
Too bumpy !
Trees looks terrible !
Waiting for version 1.0 ;)
Well done! Thrilling track to drive at speed.
The bumps are all there IRL!!! This is the so called "Most Hairy Chested Track In The World" by the aussies. Take the Corvette C6R or the Bently Speed 8 for some fun... Better yet, download that Volvo F1 truck that's on youtube, that'll teach you how to handle a few bumps!
To bumpy for my taste.
Trees look like Lego blocks
AI does'n work ...
apart from being too wide, this is a fine track. also timing and AI doesn't work.
BuMpS EvErYwHeRe
Great track , except turns 21 and 22 are very bumpy and the timing keeps messing up all the time , could u please fix the issues if possible? thanks
Fix the bumps @ the end and it will be awesome !
Great one i was suprised how well this track perform. Good job!
very nice conversion, the track looks a bit too wide but it's very good.
Good track would like a working track map pls
It feels way too slippery to me, if I'm braking it takes too long in comparison to other tracks. Other than that, great track, graphics are decent enough, good job! :)
Great work.
good at all, but need to fix bump on the road, keep work and thanks a lot ;)
Thanks for you work!
Good initial release, thanks for the effort. I do find the road to be too bumpy though. Especially through the downhill sections and back straight. I look forward to future updates.

Keep up the great work.

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