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Track Logos 2.0

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Track Logos Pack 2

New pack ready to download ;)
I also kept the logos from the first pack in the rar in case you haven't downloaded this yet there's no need to download the pack 1. Plus I updated a few logos that i felt that needed to be changed, eventhough the old ones are still in the Pack 1 folder in case you prefer them.
Hope you guys like it.

Special thanks to:
and all the guys who suggested new tracks

You guys rock :cool:

New logos in this pack:

Track Logos Pack 1

This is a pack of track logos of some of the tracks i've downloaded.
A special thanks to BORDER for his NEW - CARBON FIBRE STYLE TRACK LOD TEMPLATE mod. These are the icons i've made using his template and tweaking it a bit to include a flag and a small preview of the track.


(preview of one of the outlines in this pack)

The files included in this pack must be extracted in the tracks folder, usually in the following directory:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\assettocorsa\content\tracks

Select and extract only the tracks you have instaled.
This pack don't include the actual tracks. Just the outline.png file found inside the ui folder of each track
. I advise you to backup the files this pack replaces in case you want to use the original provided by the tracks author.

I'll try to keep this updated with the new tracks being released and if i've missed some track you have installed please leave a request in the Discussion and i'll release the logo in the next update.

Depending on the amount of tracks released i'm planning to update the logos at least once a week.

And that's it for now. Here is a preview of all the tracks included in the pack. Hope you guys like it ;)


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  1. Pack 2

    Track Logos Pack 2 (26.2.2015) New pack ready to download ;) I also kept the logos from the...

Latest reviews

Great work, tidy's things up a lot..
Excelent work! big thx!
Many thanks!
Great! Please include Bridgehampton's outline in the next update. Thanks, bro.
Great logos! Thank you! Please add in next update Enna Pergusa , Bridgehampton and Mills
Excellent Job !! Thanks
Very Nice
Great work, perfect these! Any chance of adding Sachsenring?
Good stuff, an update would be nice to include all of the new official tracks and some of the more popular new additions :)
Fantastic work!!

Adelaide, Adelaide 1988, Detroit 1988, Estoril 1988,Imola 1988, Montreal 1988, Monza 1988, Paul Ricard 1988 and Silverstone 1988 please!!
Great work!
Thank you! My favorite UI, excellent work!
What can I say,fabulous,thank you.
Fantastic job , thanks mate !
add the Albertpark, Sepang, Sochi, India, Korea circuit please!!

simple and fantastic work!! ^^
Outstanding! Thanks!
Really like this .. but for me I prefer just the logo with no track layout - just looks cleaner IMO .. country flag is spot on though. Good stuff
Great work my friend Thx!!!

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