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Track Update Part 3 1.1 Final

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This is the last part of the Track updates. This pack contains the tracks from Japan to Abu Dhabi.
Abu Dhabi has 2 versions (Etihad version, Think before you drive)
I've made a lot of updates compared to the 1.0 tracks (Track sponsors, pit walls, podiums and some minor updates...)
The pack has Changleog&Readme file. I wrote all the updates compared to 1.0

japan and russia.jpg



Abu Dhabi1.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Fixed Abu Dhabi Hotel

    Etihad logo changed to UBS logo

Latest reviews

essential update
Great Job!
Can I hear awesome? Because this is what your work was!
thanks mate, much appreciated you putting them all in one 3 part bundle, saves a lot of time, excellent quality too, a definite 5 star from me
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Thank you
can i play multiplayer with this?
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Yes, of course :)
I love it. All 3 parts. Just one thing. On the hotel where it is "Etihad" Is actually UBS. Just saying :)
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
I know, but if I change it to UBS, all of the Etihad logos will be UBS. For example on the mainstraight...
Fantastic,i think that the sponsor "Bernie says" is impossible to put into the game but you,you do it!! Umbelievable
Robert Kezer
Robert Kezer
Thanks :)
As always excellent job ! Thanks !
Absoluty great! Part 3.

Latest News

Robert Kezer
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5.00 star(s) 14 ratings

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