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Trial Mountain 0.2

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This is a scratch made version of the Trial Mountain circuit from the Gran Turismo series of racing games.

It includes both normal and reverse layouts with functional AI, cameras and track map. There are 20 pit-boxes.



To install simply extract the 'content' folder into the main Assetto Corsa directory.

Latest reviews

I mean its cool.... But i was excited thinking it was the Remake of GT7
awesome sauce, memory lane.
It is beautiful. Good job!
wonderful! nice to play and camera are very good! thx
Excellent track , top class job now for the more gt tracks please:)
Thats much better. Also, where did you find that livery? I want that!
Very Top das galáxias. So, i was questioning myself is there is a possibility to convert a mod of other game. Guess what guys. There is. So I converted Grand Valley Speedway & Autumn Ring from rFactor. The mod aren't Topzeira, but are already something.

Grand Valley Speedway:

Autumn Ring:
I didn't even know this existed on Assetto Corsa. One of my favorite to drive back in the day on Gran Turismo and rFactor.
Pure fun to drive this track, thanks!
hells yeah . perfect. it could be smoothed out a little but you wont find me complaining
driveable but a bit bland looking
This is a fantastic circuit, one of my favorites from the GT series. Tearing it up in Assetto Corsa is a ton of fun. The little corner bump right before the finish line is significantly more dangerous here.

Little touches like the monkey and Nessie are great, and show attention to detail. Kinda sad that the giant tree had to be blocked off by rock after the long rear straight, but I can only imagine it would have been a serious blow to people's framerates if that section of the map was left as open as it is in the actual game.

I'll be extremely excited if I hear of any more GT tracks being reworked for AC.
Oh my god! My favorite track from Gran Turismo for my actually favorite simulator! Good job, thanks!
I was thinking this sim needed more bridges and tree canopies and tunnels and then I drove this track. Freaking awesome track!
My favorite track from GT, thank you....
Amazing, looking forward for more updates, but it's already simply awsome :D
Fantastic. Looking forward to updates, but an overall well, modelled track.
Bellissimo ! Thank You!

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