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Triple Screen Close Cameras 1.1

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Hello folks.

Having thoroughly enjoyed Modmates close cams in F1 2012, I decided to quickly whip something up for myself.

Nothing changed but camera position. Camera movements are default.

As this is a quick and dirty job, where I applied the same numeric changes to all the cars, it makes the mirrors useless in two cars: williams and force india. I will eventually fix theses up later, maybe. Hopefully modmates goes ahead and works his magic ;)


There is also a version with the HUD showing for all teams
View attachment 42982

Also, this is how it looks with a single monitor:

View attachment 42983
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Latest updates

  1. added a camera with hud

    Added a view with the hud. Also, this is how it looks with a single monitor:

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Awesome, except that i wish for some of the cars that the view was a little further back, particularly in the Lotus, McLaren and Mercedes, the RedBull positioning is perfect out of the box. I modified the Lotus one to be just right, but I can't figure out how to change the mercedes view?

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