Troyton Raceway

Troyton Raceway 1.10

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Troyton Raceway

A scratch built fantasy track, Originally by Neil Faichney for rFactor
conversion by RMi with permissions by Neil F.

Set in Australia, the entire track follows the outline of the Troyton Racing logo (TR) featuring a banked, 180 degree turn and harbor scenery.




- GP circuit (5.2km)
- Club circuit (4.2) new!
- 30 pit/start
- Realistic driving surface with small bumps, crowning and camber
- CSP features LightingFX, GrassFX, RainFX
- Jumbotrons
- easter egg

- Kart layout

- Shaders, Lights/Grass/Rain effects @shin956
- cams by @DaBäda
- Main conversion and everything else @rmi_wood

Original track credits included

Latest updates

  1. Quality and performance update

    changelog v1.10: Jumbotrons™ added Other small fixes, deletions and adjustments. by @shin956...
  2. New Layout + fixes

    v1.0 changelog by @shin956 and @rmi_wood; Create two layouts (GP, Club) Physical mesh added...

Latest reviews

That is an amazing track. The changes in elevation through the curves are superb, and I love the engine sounds when going through the "tunnel"
This track is insane, it provides some of the best VR driving experience I have ever had in AC and is an absolute treat when paired with V8 supercars!
It is stupid how good this circuit is, given that it's an outline of a logo. The flow is excellent, and with the elevation changes several of the corners are especially challenging and rewarding. One of my new favorites.
Great track and conversion, rest in peace Simraceway
thank u for your hard work and low sized high quality tracks
really nice track.
I ve got one bug. On content manager, i see 3 layouts : Troyton raceway, troyton raceway club and troyton raceway GP wich pictures the same of troyton raceway. When i practice the first layout i just fall of the map every time i go off the pit. I don't find a way to remove it.

The 2 others layouts work well and are fun. Thx for your work.
odd... there are only 2 layouts
Looks like you took some great sections from Bathurst + Maggiore + Monaco + Fuji and made this beast. Good fun tho.
I like the track. Nice to drive.
In one word this track is FUN with the "half oval" and all. For a rFactor origin it looks very, very nice. It's amazing what can be achieved with these old tracks when the right people put the right amount of effort to them!
The new tracks drive really well. Thanks.
Very fun track and awesome layout. It has such an enjoyable look to it too :)
Very fun circuit. I quite enjoyed the totally not Cutting as it blends really well. I saw in another comment stuff about textures and can't help but agree. Continue working on this, you're on to a winner!
Very fun track but the AI is bad af
Good work Mr. Wood c.s.
Excellent conversion and rework!
Really fun layout, quite surprisingly good. With some work on the textures, particularly the water, the lighthouse and the grass to road blending, you could have one of the great fantasy tracks here. Well done!
CSP water had a bug I could not fix of the palm tree having a bad reflection. Perhaps that and the blending can be in the future. Thank you for the critique.
Love it! Impressive work! Thanks for sharing!
Good job. Thank you for adding more grid spots.
This track deserve it. Very enjoyable.

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