TrueColors - PP Filter For Assetto Corsa (PURE AND SOL)

TrueColors - PP Filter For Assetto Corsa (PURE AND SOL) 2.6

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Introducing TrueColors, my meticulously crafted PP-Filter for the game Assetto Corsa. With a strong passion for perfection, I have dedicated countless hours to testing and fine-tuning every aspect, aiming to create the most immersive and visually striking pp-filter possible. I invite you to experience it firsthand and witness its remarkable effects. Prepare to be amazed as TrueColors elevates your gameplay to new heights. Here's captivating previews of its breathtaking visuals that await you.



Im always open for critics, if you find any sort of glitch with my pp-filter please contact me via discord:


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Latest updates

  1. NEW BLOOM for PURE and SOL!

    Try it yourself!
  2. UPD For PURE

Latest reviews

Le meilleur pour moi j'ai pas trouver mieux merci pour le partage.
And this is what I am talking about! Amazing work! This one is my new No.1! I am sick of tired of these over saturated ppfilters. Thank you very much.
Can't seem to edit my old review so new one here, the update made it much better, now I can enjoy driving in the cockpit view. The clouds for some reason are now a little brighter than usual but its not a big deal and very manageable.
It's really good and honestly the best one I've ever used. The only issue I have is that in cockpit view the brightness of the sky and road just increase by a whole lot. Is there anyway to fix this? I use the sol version and I am using the latest csp & sol. But besides that this is a great pp filter
Hello, this issue has been fixed please try the newest release version.
My new favorite, thank you...
Thank you for your hard work :D I like it
beau boulot ! 100%
Nice job. Thanks for all your hard work. It's now my favorite PPF.
loving it!!!!
Nice. Doesn't suffer from oversaturation like many PPFs.
hello thank you for sharing excellent filter, is now part of my filter rotation works very well with my reshade in addition.
Thanks for review! Glad you liked it!!

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