TV Cameras for Otarumi Touge

TV Cameras for Otarumi Touge 0.3

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2 sets of TV Cameras and for downhill version
Note that there are incluided on the latest version of this track, you should download it here:大垂水峠.19707/

OI course adding AI lane kills the immersion when doing the track online both downhill and uphill since it will show you the wrong way sign and kick you out. But for those who enjoy the downhill version only, have fun and make plenty of videos!

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Latest updates

  1. new pack with cameras update

    since previous update was only about the cameras some people didn't find the other files so this...
  2. Fixed some transitions on both tv cameras

Latest reviews

not working anymore
Leonardo Ratafiá
Leonardo Ratafiá
They are included already in the latest update
( ^ω^ ) thx m8
Thank you :)

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