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UBF's stuff *LaFerrari skins!* 2014-11-03

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Hey guys! I posted this not long ago on the Assetto Corsa forums, but I figured I'd upload it here too. I've also just updated it with a new Ice White skin, as well as a Prototype skin.

For the other skins, There are subtle changes, such as a new CF texture, CF front hood scoops, black wheels, and a more CF covered rear.

Keep in mind these are my first skins, I hope to continue and do more complex work in the future :)

The Prototype skin basically has swirls that are supposed to break up the lines of the car, so that spy photographers have less of an idea of how the car will look. Gives you a feeling of driving an LaFerrari test mule. The Gradient isn't the same as the official Ferrari gradient but it looks good nonetheless. Hope you like it!

Rosso Scuderia Carbon:


Baby Blue:

Mint Green:

Ice White:

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You're not there yet: no details, basic colouring and lack of creativity (besides maybe the Prototype, but that hurts my eyes). The suits are not adjusted to the exterior colours, the rims are quite good though I like my carbon rims better :-)
Keep pushing yourself and experiment with colours, liveries and try to do something different. Be creative and come up with stuff others did'nt allready do. I don't know if you saw my Laferrari starter skin pack, but maybe download it and take a peak at the files. The trick to succesful skins is to be creative, thorough in detailed work and check previous resources before posting your work. That's my feeling about it, don't hate me for it. FYI, my first skins were not perfect too and I had to learn a lot, but creativity and originality is a must and half the work!!

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