United Karting 2023

United Karting 2023 v0.2

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License: Creative Commons BY-NC-ND 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/4.0/

This track is a commission by LKLRacing; updates are likely.

United Karting is a parking-lot kart track in Hanover, Maryland, near Baltimore/Washington International Airport. This model includes 3 layouts, each with dedicated barrier and cone placements. A conversion to KRP is also planned, as there isn't yet much use case for this track in AC aside from looking nice. A few promising kart mods for AC are in development, though, so this version will stick around.

The surface mesh is based off of a publicly available 2018 aerial LiDAR scan: https://noaa-nos-coastal-lidar-pds.s3.amazonaws.com/laz/geoid12b/9201/index.html

There may be some performance issues with the track; the red and white barriers along with the tires take up a large majority of the polycount despite being quite heavily optimized in terms of model geometry. This is also why I cannot use them as collision, as the collision calculations for them would slow the game down immensely. I will combine them into larger objects in a later update; that might improve performance. In addition, although all textures used are DDS, most textures are needlesly 4K; they might be reduced in size for a later update.
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Latest updates

  1. Trees, buildings, collision, and 2 more layouts

    Here are the highlights of this new version: The surface has been rebuilt for higher accuracy...

Latest reviews

no helmet bin, 0/10
OK, I have to say this track is so much fun... a bit laggy on my low-end pc but I may look at reducing the 4k textures ect: which should help until an update comes through. About the track... it's flipping awesome, the surface looks and drives so good and I really like the surrounding, one has to remember this is a carpark come kart track so don't expect all the usual buildings and fixtures that a purpose built kart track would have, but what there is for this track is good and both the "gokart125cc_ax30" standard and "gokart125cc_ax30_beez_xy" shifter version run awesome on this track and can't wait to try the "ad_sodi_rt10" rental kart on this tight tricky track as well. Now one of my favourite goto kart tracks in AC. Big thank you and OH YEAH! to "ohyeah2389" for sharing with us. Mike
Thank you! I do have ideas for increasing performance that will likely be implemented in future releases, such as combining all those tires and barriers into large object chunks. AC really doesn't like a large object count.

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