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Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 90/93 1.4

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Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 90/93

!! As some people have problems to understand. These car where not made by Shaun Clarke and nothing is stolen from him !!

Welcome back to golden era. The cavalier will be a great adition to run along already existing Supertouring cars mod for Assetto Corsa.

These cars where originally made for Assetto Corsa's first version of the game and not updated since January 2016.

So i think it's time to bring them to modern AC's standard.

Most of the parts of the cars where updated and as i don't really like to have two separated models i gave you the oppurtinity to have two cars in one.

Actually using CSP you will be able to run 90's or 93's version without changin car but only using a different skin. Hope you enjoy

I can't details exactly all what is modified as is in touch with physic, skin, textures, anims....

Edited, i made a changelog if you want to know. Probably miss some thing
- Updated tyres shadow
- Corrected body shadow
- Corrected ui_car informations
- Added proper flames effect
- Added all skins from 90's and 93's
- Proper working sound
- Added ext_config file
- Added 93's parts as extension
- Added shift animation
- Corrected brakes glow, front_share and torque
- Corrected car.ini with correct infos also added CSP physic
- Added dash_cam.ini
- Corrected LED in digital_insstruments.ini
- Corrected drivetrain with real data (Xtrac 6 speed supertouring)
- Added flames and flames preset
- Corrected LOD
- Corrected setup for better in-game setup
- Added 90's tyres from Kunos 190E (especially to have 3 types of tyres)
- Corrected tyres.ini with V10 tyres and setup based on Kunos 190E and Malagoli
- Corrected suspensions with CSP physic
- Updated shaders, materials, textures.. based on real car
- Proper placement of elements using Content Manager (such repositionning tank and other things)
- Adaptation to 93's parts
- Added wiper



Most of the parts of the car where not modified or can't be modified. Remember that the point is not to recreate a new car but to update the current one.
So don't except animated doors or something like that.

Some updates will normally comes as the car is not really finished for now.

!! Requires latest CSP / SOL / PURE version to work properly !!

Malagoli Garage
Physics: Brownninja97 & Fordman & Chaos_Mouse
Sounds: Fordman
Misc: Brownninja97
Bugs: brownninja97
Testing: BBO@BSR; P1lot, Chaos_Mouse
Black Rims: BBO@BSR
Update: Mahad

Latest updates

  1. Ao fix + skins

    Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 90/93 v1.4 Changelog v1.4: - Fixed AO error on many skins - Added 2...
  2. Final update (i hope)

    Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 90/93 v1.3 Changelog: - Added seatbelt.kn5 (CINTURE_ON) - Fixed...
  3. Fix and other things

    Vauxhall Cavalier BTCC 90/93 v1.2 Changelog : - Updated skins (from me and members here on RD...

Latest reviews

for a complete update, the LODs are also missing
Deleted member 223075
No rely ? thanks cpt Obvious....It's not like I specified it in the update....
Nice sounds but from a BTCC fan, a few issues that can be easily fixed.
-Midzone FFB is almost zero, like it's got slop in the steering rack. G27 that has fine center FFB on other cars. A little too much bump on kerbs.
-Tires , even soft90s underperform compared to using the medium 90s (similar width) of other cars. Maybe need to tweak it to get it balanced with other BTCC. In my own testing the few BTCC cars I have get around 2 mins on Barcelona GP. Your tires, 2min 7 secs. The replaced tires from other cars gets closer.
Many thanks for your hard work, I love this car and what you have done to it. Constructive feedback would be for v1.2 - The Paint is missing from 01 Hoy and 03 Rouse, the Livery icon is missing from 03 Rouse and 09 Allam and 11 Thibaut is missing all togther from v1.1
I always think of this car from time to time. When it released around 8 years ago it was said that the creator spent over 1000 hours modeling it. That kind of effort was something completely new for the community. It means a lot to now see it properly preserved. Thank you, sincerely.
car is very good but two skins are missing
good mod , my only gripe is Hoy & Rouse's skin are plain , is this correct or am i doing something wrong?
Now, that's a great idea.
This old gem still looking so good and it's truly a blast to drive.
Some minor flaws with the '93 model skins, but nothing too tragic.
Many thanks for bringing back this old glory! Well done!
wowee!!!!! the new golden era has arrived!
Thanks man.
It´s great to have some Cars from Opel.
Merci beaucoup, il est vraiment superbe, j'adore.
Drives like a real thing! Gosh man
Perfect, thank you...
Are there more of these somewhere? I may never have driven a car quite like driving a real car.

Absolutely the most realistic mod ever, thanks! Wow!

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