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VFR F1 2014 (Formula 1 2014) 2.0

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I made a conversion from this mod contains all the F1 2014 car and drivers, the mod was originally made for rFactor by , I (Skarr) just converted it with the "rfactortools" posted by Grumbel on the forum a few days ago.

-THIS MOD STILL HAS 7 GEARS, ALSO NO DRS =(, but rest all fits to F1 2014 regulations.

To install just extract the "GameData" folder to your GSCE directory.

CREDITS: for making the mod
Grumbel - for the conversion tool

THANKS EVERYONE! Please subscribe on my Youtube Channel >>> .
If you have any problems just ask me and i will be honored to reply!

Latest reviews

It looks awesome :D
Can anyone tell me how to edit TALENTS or post a link if there is already fix for this.
Thanks for this works great. Just one issue there is something wrong with the sound. The sound of the turbo is missing. The sound is there in rF1 but when you convert to GSCE its missing.
Cesar de Oliveira
Cesar de Oliveira
yeah that sound its missing...
thanks for the review mate!

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Cesar de Oliveira
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