Virginia International Raceway facelift extension

Virginia International Raceway facelift extension 0.96

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This is the facelift extension for Virginia International Raceway 1.1, which, IMO, started to show it's age (since it was released in 2016). This extension doesn't contain the original track - you do need to download the track separately here at RD.
Simply copy over the content of the folder. Overall, this suppose to match the look and feel of Road America and a new Road Atlanta - a lot of the same tree textures were used (with LilSki permission).

- All trees have been re-planted from scratch, both on the background and on the foreground
- grass and various elements have been re-shaded for more realistic look
- added two layers of dirt on kerbs for more realistic/immersive look
- background fields and forests added for more depth, especcially when viewed from the hill. Overall, I felt a bit "locked in a cage" in the original track, since there is only one of two layers of treelines. Moreover - there is a Celltower on the horizon, if you can spot it :)
- seasonal color-grading was removed, as well as trees wind effect. The first creates a cartoony look, imo, while the wind on trees create distortion on textures and makes a blurry look.

Screenshots don't quite show the difference, since the original track looks very good, but I encourage you to try it, especially in VR. Overall, I am quite happy with the result as this is my biggest extension to date.





I have tested the extension mostly in Full Course, which is the best layout used by IMSA, but other layouts are fully functional too.

My extension wouldn't be possible without all the amazing work done by multiple very talented individuals!
If you want to re-use any of the (original) textures, models or shader settings from this extension - I have no objections whatsoever.
Comments and feedback are welcome, as well as suggestions for the next track to facelift!

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  1. kerbs touch lighter

    hope this fixes incorrect rendering of kerb tire marks on some version of CSP - generally it...

Latest reviews

Solid job, definitely makes the track look like a lot more natural. Thank you!
That little (or not so little..) realistic added details - dirty kerbs, grass, etc. - are the details that turn a good mod into a SUPERB one...

Thanks for your hard work to keep AC fresh and alive.
Thank you Perico!
I think you're really onto something with these mods, keep up the great work!
Thank you Gelly. I believe there are already a lot of great tracks and doing from scratch builds might not be the same use of one's time. I would love for AC tracks to use open source model of community contribution - that would be an ultimate method to bring AC to 2022 and beyond. For now - extensions is the best next thing.
I highly recommend this update. It really makes the track more appealing. Well done.
Many thanks Chas!
Thank you!
thanks for sharing with us, top
Thanks a lot, it looks pretty now :)
Excellent work, track looks fantastic, thank you.
Amazing. Thank you very much. The tracks looks much better now.
glad you liked it!

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