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Virtual Start Lights Smaller and Lower 1.1

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These start lights are worth a try for anyone that finds the original lights too 'arcadey', too big, or are annoyed that they block the view on the start line.

The view of the lights varies depending on your computer resolution, so it's not the same for everyone. This mod includes a new, smaller set of lights for 1920x1080 or 1366x768 resolutions, but worth a try as they may work fine on other resolutions too.

I recommend using Content Manager or Generic Mod Enabler, as these will put the files directly into the correct location and remove them safely if you change your mind later.
To manually install, back up the originals and copy the four texture files into assettocorsa/content/texture.

To use the 768 version, first rename off.png to off_1080.png
and rename off_768.png to off.png

(If you want to make your own to suit your own taste or resolution, instructions are at the bottom of the page).

These start lights are much smaller than the original, and they will appear lower on your screen. It's not a perfect solution but I'm much happier with it like this. I hope it's of use to others.

For anyone with an Oculus Rift( & hopefully the Vive but not tested), it works well in VR too, and appears in the same place as the screenshot.


EDIT this app was made using my 1920x1080 resolution, so the virtual lights may well appear bigger or smaller or in a different place depending on your own resolution so might not work for everyone.

Changing the size and position of the start lights:

The position of the virtual start lights depends on the size of off.png in assettocorsa/content/texture folder.

The default icon is a 64x64 png file.

Using a paint package, you can move the lights down your screen by making this image taller, with the light icon at the bottom of the image - this will move the lights further down your monitor screen (no need to change the 64 width at all).

So for example, making the icon 128 x 64 (with the start light icon at the BOTTOM of your image) will lower the lights by 64 pixels.

This mod includes the off.png file in two different sizes, one for 1366x768 resolution and one for 1920x1080 res.
If these are not suitable or do not suit your taste, you can create a taller or shorter png file yourself for example if you have a higher resolution monitor.

Note re the traffic light textures:
No need to change these at all, but here's some info in case it helps anyone else.
Mod includes 3 textures of the actual start lights - the light icon on each image is smaller than the originals, to reduce their display size.
These do not need to be changed at all if all you want to do is move the lights on your screen.
Editing these will make them smaller or bigger.
Do not change the size of the actual image i.e. leave them at 74x74 as per the default. To change the size of the lights, edit the size of the icon in the image rather than the entire canvas size.

Original files also included in case you overwrite the originals and want to switch back.

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  1. App Start Lights Smaller and Lower

    icon included for two resolutions - 1920x1080 or 1366x768. Instructions on how to make your own...

Latest reviews

Lights are too smal for my taste .. i'm using Oculus Rift and the lights are right in front of my wheel .. hard to see
Yes it won't suit everyone, and I've only been able to test this on my monitor (1920x1080) so if you've got higher res it might be even smaller and lower on your screen. (I've updated the info in the description, thanks)
Tired of looking at those big red lights in the middle of your screen. If you can't see your opponents bumper, this mod is for you. Check it out.

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