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This app can open Assetto Corsa replay file and visualize them in a bird's eye view. You can then compare every player's lines with each other, including breaking points. By right clicking on a car you'll get an evaluation of the incident with a "blame" percentage for each car involved. Unluckily AC doesn't store any information about collisions in the replay file, so you'll need to do incident hunting.

You can also export the replay to a custom, stripped down version, which is about a tenth in size, obviuosly you'll not be able to open it in AC anymore.

This app was born has a proof of concept to try out some ideas I had about an automated incident evaluation system, I think it could work but I need a server to test in real conditions.

Anyway, since I received some interest about the app here I am publishing it in a very early alpha.

If you find yourself actually using it, don't be afraid to contact me here for any aditional feature you would like to see implemented.

The lap merge feature in app:

And the result:

Latest updates

  1. Small update

    Just a small update, I wanted to release these with one of the new features but I'm stuck with...
  2. Overtakes highlight replay generation

    I added a feature to generate a replay comprising all the overtakes in a race, the cool part is...
  3. Bug fix

    Sorry, another bug fix, these two could have waited but they were too stupid to let them live in...

Latest reviews

Such a gem! Can't believe I didn't know about this app! Merging laps in AC is so easy now! Thank you, man!
Wow, what a gem i have discovered here! You can improve the UI, yes, but the functions, once discovered hot to do - WoW! The only thing I haven't got working yet is the checkpoint feature! Thanks for the great app!
Thanks for the review! About checkpoints, are you having problems setting them up on the track or they don't work in the merge function? In the first case, the track could be missing ideal lines.
Very useful tool. The UI could be a little bit more intuitive, e.g. how to create track lines.
The UI definitely needs a redesign but I don't know if I can do much better, never been particularly good with interfaces.

About the track lines, it was more of an experiment than anything else but if you are using it I can try and improve it.
Yo man,
took some time until i really had the tme to check on your tool.
I wasn´t prepared on how deep this already would go, and i was surprised a bit about how many options u give with your "little toolie"....rather a tool i would call this at all.
I am still "messing around" with it.

So i am glad u did show me this when i was on Krerritas Discord asking about shaders patch versions, cheating etc....

Hope u enjoeyed the coffee...or 2..

Greez poisoned aka ugly G

P.S.: oh ye- i will contact u as i think. we have like same mind on this things. Especcially when its about hardware like server stuff etc.i might be helpful. For sure i want to be.

Happy new.
Thank you very much for the coffees, they definitely help keeping my energy for this project up!

I'm looking forward to hearing your suggestions on where to go with this app.
Mate, this is freaking awesome!. I cant wait to see the progress of this app!
I would like, if it were possible, for each driver's line to be a different color.
The player's lines should already be of different colors but there's a trick, when you start the app the best lap for every player will be auto-selected in purple. If you then right click the player name, every line will in fact be purple on the map. You can right click the lap in the player panel (expand with the "V") two times, deselect and select, and the line will then be of the currently selected player color.

If you want different line colors for each lap, you can right click the first one, change the player color, right click the second lap, change the color and so on and so forth.

It's not very straightforward but I didn't want to overcrowd the interface with too many buttons.
Already Useful for sorting out incidents as of V0.1. Only up from here!
Assetto corsa is really going places

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