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Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer credit to willcani for original 2.1

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You have to set up a custom controller profile and configure everything the way you want it except for the menu navigation which needs to be:
menu up =1
menu right =2
menu down =3
menu left = 4
The disadvantage of this is that the commands can only be activated via voice control but if you wish to play it without voice control then you can select your default steering wheel pre-set and this will work with the original menu navigation but voice control will mean a loss of steering control. There is no other way around this that I am aware of at the moment.

As the title says the mod was only made possible by @Willcani who had the original idea but I have spent hours adding and modifying the commands and believe that this is now more complete and easier to use.

Some new commands are:
engineer - brings up talk to engineer options (all sessions)
fuel + mixture - brings up current setting of fuel for viewing (all sessions)
which can then be altered by saying: fast, rich, normal, standard, slow or lean
Brakes - brings up current setting of brake bias (all sessions)
which can then be altered by saying front, forward, normal, standard, back, rear
Downforce - same shizzle as above but will only be available during the race.
Hammer Time - suddenly makes your car go a little faster but you transform into a d*** (puts your car in rich!)
other commands have been shortened so you don't have to say the exact words the game wants. You can say Box or pit and your engineer will know you want to pit for example.

Willcani describes how to use it here in his original mod. As I have literally spent hours fine tuning this I really hope you enjoy!

Here is a free (and opensource) alternative for those who don't want to wait for an update to talk to the engineer.

The software is called Vocals : Download Vocals

Install instructions :
- Put the "vocals.exe" in a new folder named "Vocals"
- Run the .exe to generate the option and profile files and quit
- Download this mod, extract the "profiles_xml" you want ("Engineer only" or "Engineer+Vehicle" commands). Put it in your "Vocals" folder, and replace the default one

Using Vocals :
- You have to select manually your profile : practice, quali or race
- Select the application (F1 2015, use # to refresh)
- You must keep the ingame default keys for quick menu navigation (1,2,3,4)
- Vocals use the Windows voice recognition engine, it is recommended to train it : Train Windows to recognize my voice

NB :
- If you want to edit the profiles it is faster to directly edit the
- If you want to edit the software itself (in C#) you can make a fork on github
It is now mainly used for Elite : Dangerous, but it can do the job perfectly on F1 2015

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  1. Vocals : Talk to your pitcrew & engineer credit to willcani for original

    Patch 2.01 is to try and fix a problem that I am not experiencing on my PC. On version 2 the...

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