Volkswagen MyTeam (3 Liveries) [Full Package] [MODULAR]

Volkswagen MyTeam (3 Liveries) [Full Package] [MODULAR] 1.0 3 Liveries

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This is a Volkswagen Team livery for your F1 2022 MyTeam. Check the ''Updates'' tab to see the 2 other liveries that come with the mod

Side by Side.png

Modular Mods [BASE FILES] Required

  • Install Modular Mods [BASE FILES]
  • When you extract all files in the .rar folder, there is 1 folder named ''F1 22'' -- follow the pathway and copy-paste the ''achievements.assetgroup'' file there, this is to make sure the pitcrew/garagecrew Modular mod works.
  • Drag the rest of the files into ''_ACTIVE'' of Modular Mods folder.
  • Enjoy.

  • Custom Volkswagen Livery (Additional variations coming soon)
  • Custom Full Driver Suit (Suit, Gloves, Cap, Boots)
  • Custom Pit Gantry
  • Custom Garage Interior
  • Custom Pit & Garage Crew outfits.
  • Custom Steering Wheel
  • Volkswagen Das Auto Logo Monitor.
  • Other Miscellaneous (RnD Room Cup, Notebook and other)
You can see some of the additions in the pictures, the rest you may notice as you play using the mod.

I plan to release 2 additional colour variations of the livery.

Inspiration for the mod is the fact that I drive a Volkswagen in real life, not much else really. I think it came out quite well and I plan to keep working on it to improve it or add even more misc things such as RnD Room Interiors/Simulator Interiors etc.

Close Up.png

Top View Side by Side.png

Driversuit 2.png

Gantry & Suits.png

Crew Shirts.png

Gantry & Board.png

VW Steering Wheel.png

Driversuit 4.png

If you notice any issues or have suggestions, please make sure to add it to discussion and not as a review so that we can actually have a proper conversation.

I can also be found on the AMO Mods Discord as ''Boasy''

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Latest updates

  1. 2 Extra Liveries & Custom Sticker Added

    This update adds 2 extra liveries to choose from for the Volkswagen MyTeam mod as well as a...

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Fantastic mate. Can you create me a custom skin?
Great work mate. The main livery especially is awesome
Thank you bro! I appreciate it :)

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