VRC Gojira Ascent 1998 BTCC Mardi Gras Motorsport

VRC Gojira Ascent 1998 BTCC Mardi Gras Motorsport 0.9

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"Approximate" Livery for the VRC Gojira Ascent covering the Accord driven by Roger Möen for Mardi Gras Motorsport during the 1998 BTCC Season.

This is an incomplete version missing some logos. There are only a handful of high resolution photos of the car on the internet, so it's not possible for me to even ID all of the logos, let alone reproduce them.

Uses Stephen Bailey's BTCC Numberplates, Mahad's Real Logos, kizz360's lights/badges and Italya's Real Tires.
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Great work as always!
Ich Dien
Ich Dien
Thanks buddy.

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