VRC Williams FW19 Sound Mod

VRC Williams FW19 Sound Mod 1.0

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This sound mod is for VRC's Formula Alpha 1997 contender Williams FW19.
Have fun with this sound mod!


installation: copy the content folder to "assettocorsa" folder.

For content creators:
If you are uploading a video with one of my mods please mention me as @ProphetimusYT and share the source video link directly.

For modders:
If you want to incorporate my sound on your mods ask me via DM here on RD or on Discord as @prophetimus_11.

Latest reviews

I don't get it, why are some reviews bad, this is literally pure renault/mecachrome engine from 1997 season and it sounds beautiful.
Well done mate !
this is a. good soundmod. i like it. you tried and thats what matters. 8/10
very bad.. sorry to be so blunt.
VRC audio is on point ... what i have noticed also with your audio uploads is you focus on interior audio, neglecting exterior almost everytime which explains why you never produce footage from trackside cameras
I've just noticed that the OG VRC audio was based on 1995 Williams FW17, not the 1997 FW19!
Felt sorry for this feedback but it's the only good onboard that I inspired. it's the 90s, y'know?
I think i get what you are trying to do, get it to sound like the old broadcast videos? but the broadcast sound never sounded any good, neither does this sorry. The original VRC sound is truer to the car in real life,,, ie a screaming v10. this sounds like a vaccuum cleaner. i gave you 5 stars on the track skin download, but reverted to the original sound after half a lap of the sound mod.
I'm mortified for this negative feedback. Finding HD audio samples from 1997 is difficult and that's the best I can do. At least I can do some audio adjustments.

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