[W.I.P] Padborg Park

[W.I.P] Padborg Park 0.3

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Padborg Park is a track located on the Jutland peninsula, in the south of Denmark. The track was opened in 2003, next to the Krusaa-Padborg airport. The track is 2,150m long and features many technical turns such as Big Mag or the Yokohama Hairpin. It is the second-longest racetrack in Denmark and is a returning part of the danish motorsports calendar hosting a variety of events yearly. During off-weekends the racetrack hosts license courses, track day events, practice sessions, and part of the track also serves as a road safety course, teaching drivers about handling the car under wet conditions.

Both of my parents were involved in the construction and early days of this track and I have long wanted to create this track for sim-racing. I'm proud to finally be able to present it to the public.

I started development a year ago, but I had to redo it a couple of times before I was satisfied with the basic terrain and road surfaces. I expect to continue to maintain this track according to the real-life track as long as my spare time permits.

The track still features placeholder textures and needs graphical polishing. I'm working on all the track assets (buildings, semaphores, e.g.) right now, so expect them to be rolled out as they are done. The track does now have functioning AI lines and up to 14 pit spots.. In real life the track supports up to 45 cars on track at the same time, with room for 28 cars in the pitlane simultaneously. Some cars never use the pitlane during races except for exiting the track after the chequered flag has been waved. However, in Assetto Corsa all cars need a pitspot and they are used when the car is not racing. I have considered several alternatives to make this possible, but I'll make a final decision once the pit area assets have been implemented.

For feedback, please leave a comment or send me a pm.
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Latest updates

  1. [UPDATE BY SHIN956] Several updates

    Thanks to shin956 for reaching out to me with this update. All credit goes to him. #######...
  2. 0.2 - Graphical Update

    In this update I have worked on the following things: Replaced placeholder textures Working on...
  3. 0.1.2a - AI and pitboxes

    Increased pit boxes to 14 and added AI spline.

Latest reviews

This is really really good. I've spend a day there driving one of their Mitjets (those are awesome) and 2 trackdays in my MX5.

I think it might be a little quick to invalidate your lap when going a smidge beyond the curb on the left exiting Audi kurven but that's all I can think of.
I've just downloaded 0.3, and it looks really good
Top notch, and fantastic functionality! Perfect for training before a trackday there
good job
I have been hoping this track was made for AC. For years I've been wanting to go, but always something has come in the way. This year I will though. And this creation will give me a taste. for an alpha this looks might damn good. I love all the Danish tracks in AC. Old and new. Thank you
Very nice, i´ve been waiting for years for this track. I´ve driven hundreds of laps in real life there.
Many thanks
Really solid start. Right now there almost isn't enough color contrast on the track which can make navigation really tough. I think that making the curbs a darker red and adding a bit more color will help that. Outside of that the driving surface is excellent, and I can see this track going really far.
Better with a fonctionnal AI.
Good short track, fun to drive.
One problem, the timer line is not the same as the starting line. The start/stop line of the stopwatch is located in the 3rd turn.
Thanks for your review! Glad you enjoy the track. The start line is different from the finish line in real life, so that is why it has this behavior!
With the Lotus 49B, this track is lovely - maybe it's just a perfect synergy of track and car, but it's a great mixture of technical corners and good space to open up the throttle, all within what feels like a very short amount of time. Technical enough that you've got to learn it properly, but not too much to learn, I'm looking forward to wherever you can take this in the months to come. Great work so far!
Don't work. Game crash. The track can't work without Ai Spine.
Please try the new update. Hope you enjoy!

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