W Talents Mod

W Talents Mod 1.3

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This mod is still WORK IN PROGRESS
This mod only works for new save. It won't work for existing save

Another year another continuation of last year mod/project. The main goal of this mod is to bring real female drivers to F1 teams. It won't be total realism cause it's a mod. Take it with a grain of salt.

What's included?
  • Personal Helmet
  • Driver Name & Picture
  • Custom Loading Screen
The Driver(s):
  • Sophia Floersch - Alpine
  • Juju Noda - AlphaTauri
  • Tatiana Calderon - Alfa Romeo
  • Jessica Hawkins - Aston Martin
  • Marta Garcia - Ferrari
  • Bianca Bustamante - Haas
  • Lola Lovinfosse - McLaren
  • Michelle Gatting - Mercedes
  • Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky - Red Bull
  • Jamie Chadwick - Williams
Future Plan:
  • More Driver
  • Updated Helmet
  • 2024 Fantasy Season
!! Installation !!
  • Extract the rar
  • Copy pak file to paks folder in your F1 Manager 23 game folder (...\F1Manager23\Content\Paks)

1 - 2023.jpg
2 - 2023.jpg



  • @Rolfeee - driver pictures
  • @PA8L0SKy - Upgraded Rating Mod
  • n4x - F1M23 Database Editor
  • David Scott Graphics - awesome mod banner and loading screen
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Latest updates

  1. v1.3 Update

    Updated for 1.6 Patch!
  2. v1.2 Update

    Changelogs: Added Mikaela Ahlin-Kottulinsky, Michelle Gatting and Juju Noda Added their...
  3. v1.1 Update!

    Major Update: Added Jamie Chadwick, Tatiana Calderon, Jessica Hawkins, and Bianca Bustamante to...

Latest reviews

Sadly as this hasn't been updated the mod no longer works. It was good while it did and would have been great if developed to include the F1 Academy drivers.
I don't know why but he dosen,t work :( there was a crash report I m sure that could be a great mod !
I hope you will ad Doriane Pin as a reserve driver in Mercedes with a good rating : ) !
it doesn't work
Was good when it worked, but it has been totally broken a while now, and creates a crash on load
It doesn't work the game crashes and an error message appears
W mod
This mod is still WORK IN PROGRESS
This mod only works for new save. It won't work for existing save

Why u dont update?
Cmon dude...
Hi, Can you make one only with Bianca Bustamante please ??
the mod doesn't work
I spoke with author of the mod, Unfortunately he wont update it anymore. I suggest to downgrade to 1.7 Version here is how to do it https://www.makeuseof.com/how-to-downgrade-steam-games/
If the mod will be no longer updated is it even possible to downgrade the game version? Steam is not allowing me to select a version to play, is it the same for everyone else or am I doing something wrong?
Good morning. Doesn't work with update 1.9 either. Can you update it please.
Love the idea but unfortunately the game keeps crashing for me maybe the mod needs to be updated
Doesn't work after game update 1.8, thanks for amazing work.
Thank you, I'm a big Juju Noda fan. You are amazing Aloy!
Very quality mod.
Great Word only need to fix after update 1.6 .
Thx a lot for make this excellent mod.
Doesn't work after game update 1.6
I'm liking the mod. As an alternate save with Sophie and Jamie being drivers 1 and 2, they are gaining skills quickly as their season moves along. After about two seasons I'd say they and the car will be contending for wins. (Alpha T, so the car is very slow.)
Good to know mate! And thank you for the review
Hello, can I make a young Kimi Raikkonen????)

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