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Watkins Glen 1.0

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This is only the NASCAR portion of the track, the boot section for Sports cars and Indy cars has not been included. The track is good for practice only, it will not allow loading AI.

Same complaints for 3 years, no repairs.
Released long ago, still no working map, no AI, floating billboards, cardboard camera men, really ? Useless...
Great track ! we need the long version for GT an Prototipes races
Have you plans to develop the long track ?
Great track! I hope you're continuing the development -- it really needs sectors, timing cameras, and of course, the longer track configuration with the "boot" for Tudor/IMSA races. Haven't tried any AI yet, but hot lapping in the F458 GT was a real hoot!
It's a good effort for this track. I would like to see timing fixed and maybe the long version as well. But this is a good track for the NASCAR Buick mod cars. Nice work! Look forward to an update however.
Poor quality release. The track isn't bad, but the timing is completely broken, the pits aren't working; it's jut not ready.
I agree with lhuntr you need to expand or better yet make a second edition with the boot. Very fast track with elevation changes that will put you stomach in your throat. I gave this track a 4 because it don't offer the boot which is the long track layout and the only class of racing that uses this layout is NASCAR and I don't race NASCAR I Race Assetto Corsa. Graphics are good, track layout is good and tire marks are visible on asphalt giving you plenty of reference and time going in to braking zones.

Download this track now and like me ask the designer to add the "Boot". Thank you for the effort you've done an excellent job.
Great track! Looks fabulous. Fun to drive. Thanks for sharing with us. Please fix the timing for doing Hotlaps.
A bit too grippy and a bit bland looking, with the old-school grass textures.
A wonderful track. One thing, this is the short course but it looks like the long course is already complete behind the concrete wall. Why don't add the long course version?
Excellent track, good for fast racing. With a bit of skills also good for drifting ;)
Fun! A couple texture blends from a distance and missing best part of track, GP section! Fun and fast though!
Fun track indeed! A bit too grippy maybe but overall very well done!
Really nice conversion but friction level set to 1...
The perfect track for 312T or Lotus Type49. Thank you, AC needs US tracks!
Thanks for your work!
Good Job! Thx.
great job!
AWESOME!! , very nice.
- could you make an update that has the full track ??

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