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Wedge's Visions | ReShade + MasterEffect 1.2

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Wedge's Visions is a ReShade + MasterEffect custom preset for Stock Car Extreme. It's an advanced post-processing injector much like SweetFX and ENB.

It's currently using the ReShade v0.18.2 and MasterEffect v1.1.190. I'll be updating this preset regularly with their new versions.

Check out this gallery for more screenshots comparison:

To install, simply copy the files included to your Stock Car Extreme game directory (i.e. \steamapps\common\Stock Car Extreme).
You can use the Num Lock key to turn the effects on and off.


Before installing this pack, remove any other PP injector you have installed, like SweetFX or ENB, otherwise things will break.

If you're using custom AA or multisampling settings on your VGA control panel, open the file MasterEffect.h on any text editor, find the line #define USE_SMAA and change it from 1 to 0 to improve your FPS.

Comments and critiques are welcome!

For more information, check out the README.txt and the \_Docs directory.

Reiza's Game Stock Car Extreme never looked so good!

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Latest updates

  1. New Wedge's Visions version for Stock Car Extreme

    Changelog: - Updated ReShade version for 0.18.2 - Updated MasterEffect version for 1.1.190 -...
  2. Wedge's Visions - ReShade ME Preset 1.1

    Just some small tweaks on bloom and colors. You can choose between a warmer look (new default)...

Latest reviews

mate great work, can really notice the difference in image quality !!
Merci, gros changement. Et c'est plus réel.
The way it changes original graphics is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately it also seems to add a lot of jagginess, it's almost like AA was not working at all. I use 4xMS+4xSGS forced through NVidia Inspector, it gives very good result on removing jaggies maintaining resonable performance at the same time, but after replacing d9d9.dll with the one provided with this mod I have jaggies all over the lines and barriers. I have changed the #define USE_SMAA setting in the MasterEffect.h file, but it only affects performance, not quality.
That's a real shame because after seeing how awesome this game can look I don't want to revert to the vanila graphics, but those jaggies kill the immersion for me.
Compared to the normal graphics this one looks really realistic and crisp! Nice mod and thank you! One question: is it possible to customize it by myself?
look pretty nice, making it more realistic - especially color of the sky makes more sense now
Seem the best graphic mode for grt GSC.
Grt job
For my gtx 970 have a 170 fps with ON, and 300 OFF. I use antialias 4x in game setting, and default setting for your app(use smaa=1). Find this way good AA and fps result.
It's amazing what a simple tweak can do.
Great mod!
Project wha? Sorry to spam but this really improves on default gfx
nice work. looks really nice and helps immersion!

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