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Williams Martini Racing Russian Livery 1.1

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Williams Russian GP Livery

Quite similar to my original Williams Martini Livery, but with the Russian logo for the Williams Team. If you want me to make any changes, just like the last skin mod, I encourage some positive feedback or advice!
But this livery was only used in Russia, as the Martini logos were not able to be used.

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Latest updates

  1. Williams Martini Racing Russian Livery

    This updates just fixes the color scheme.

Latest reviews

The drivers hadn't numbers... Please add their in the front nose and it will be 5 stars!
awesome best williams skin
Good Work !
Brilliant skin! The numbers in Russia were actually on the barge-boards rather than the sidepods: would you be able to do this?
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
Yeah I know, but the barge boards don't have any textures they're just white and there is no way to edit anything on them :/
Really good job mate, the skin is awesome. Are you planning on update it with the new paint scheme?. If you're going to do it it will be perfect. The williams martini racing nose logo is not centered at all, can you fix it?
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
I have been told to stop updating.. So not within the next day or so.. Rally annoying but yeah. People higher up are informing me to stop with the constant updates.. :(
Really nice, but can you make a version with the numbers on the sidepod since the Logo also replaces the number on the nose?
McGregor Kereama
McGregor Kereama
I will try.. But its that mirrored thing that codies do.. so its hard to fix. :/

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