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Williams Martini Racing Team v1.4 1.4

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Hi, again:)

Williams Martini Racing Team

Backup your files early.
Unpack the archive and paste into the folder with the game.

Update 02-11-2015
Full Team

-Car skin
-Pit Crew
-Drivers Helmets
-Race Crew suit/helmet
-Drivers cap

Update 03-11-2015
-Bottas cap



Latest updates

  1. Car livery update

    + few Martini logos + PULL logo
  2. Garage Update

    Update 02-11-2015 -Garages -Bottas cap
  3. Full Team Update

    Full Team Update Includes: -Car skin -Suits -Pit Crew -Drivers Helmets -Race Crew suit/helmet...

Latest reviews

Looking great, much better then that default paint scheme. One thing though: could you make a version as it is now but with "MARTINI" text removed from Martini logos. That way those that appear mirrored would not look different from those which are not.
great work but also just noticed the martini logo is missing on the top of the nose jus down from the cockpit if u watch real life
buen trabajo!!!!!!....hacer coche de seguridad...otra falla de codemasters...sigue asi! like!!!!!!!!
Awesome job my friend, finally we get a top Williams mod in this game. Keep up the good work!! Shame about the mirroring with the mapping but this can't be fixed can it?
Amazing. And thanks for putting the version number in the file name.
Thanks Tomek, great work
Great job!
thank you!
There are several martini logo's missing, but looks great anyway
Guys, it is impossible to make it 100% like real live
Great mod dude, i couldn't help but notice you added the Martini logo in front of the driver and on the side of the nose after me, but because I recognize that constantly improving the Martini livery (like last year and what I made) is important. Great work and I pass the Martini Livery trophy onto you hahaha well done. XD
Gppd job
When I start a race, I get an Neon error for a wrong texture and the game shuts down. Please fix
I loved it, can you add "Johnnie Walker" on Mclaren car too? Thanks in advance.
Finally mods for F1 2015 ^^
Great Job!How do I change TCam please?
Amazing Job!! I have a request if possible : can you make the first Mclaren Honda skin that they used on the early part of the season?
Amazing!! I was waiting for this!! Thanks Man!!
Very very nice thank you so much, but is it possible to let the cap look like this one from Valtteri Bottas? :)
Probably yes
Great, but the Martini logo is missing

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