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Williams Martini Racing 1.1

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This is my Williams Martini Racing skin mod for F1 2014.

Some logos are still mirrored, or duplicated (rear wing) and I am afraid this will probably stay unfixable.

In this version you can find updated logos on mirrors, little martini logos on nose and monococ, martini logo on rear wing, and #forzajules on the engine cover (under the randstad logo), to make the skin up to date.

Hope you enjoy it! :)
F1_2014 2014-10-18 15-03-34-12.jpg
F1_2014 2014-10-18 15-03-19-15.jpg
F1_2014 2014-10-18 15-02-33-55.jpg
F1_2014 2014-10-18 14-52-14-28.jpg

Latest updates

  1. Rear wing modification

    As raced in recent races, I've changed the WIPAK logo for WIHURI one on sideplates of rear wing.
  2. Small update

    Ok guys, I've done some work to small logos, mirrored martini logos on neck protector, it is...

Latest reviews

Amazing job man
OMG so thatswhy people dont put the martini to the rear wing better without it :O
Looks Great
i like this!
Is there any way in which you could change the steering wheel? Can't you just replace it with the Red Bull steering wheel? Other than that fantastic mod! P.S. Can you make a McLaren mod with SAP on the side of the car??? Please!
About the steering Wheel I can add the Martini logo as you can see on pictures, I don't know how to replace an entire Wheel... And the McLaren, this is very hard to do, because there is only 1 texture for all 3 logos... I will look at it but I cannot tell when or even if I can do it at all.
Amazing thx for this nice work

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