Working Gran Turismo Music Playlist for AutoBGM

Working Gran Turismo Music Playlist for AutoBGM 2

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This is a music pack I put together for the AutoBGM mod.

Just throw the downloaded and extracted music pack into your music user music folder (add a ZZ in front of the name if you want to make it easier to find) and then select the playlist in AutoBGM.

Important note:
The only way for these particular tracks to function in AutoBGM without issues is to use modified files. I used my DAW (FLStudio) to accomplish this, so I see no other way to share this playlist then to put it up for download. Another note, there are a couple GT fitting extras thrown in here for fun, as well as some Original Tracks by me.
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Latest updates

  1. Updated Audio Levels and Added Original Music

    No longer need external download.

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