World’s Ultimate Racing Circuit

World’s Ultimate Racing Circuit 1.2

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Is there a perfect track? Hardly, but thanks to the virtual world we can create any idea we have in mind!


A few years ago I saw a CarThrottle report on this topic and they proposed to "join" the best curves of the F1 calendar of those times! We took the task to "recreate this idea".

Straight & Turn 1: COTA’s Turn 1
Turn 2: Spa’s Eau Rouge
Turn 3: Istanbul’s Turn Eight
Turn 4: Suzuka’s 130R
Turn 5: Monaco’s Hairpin
Turn 6: Silverstone’s Maggotts/Beckets
Turn 7: Catalunya’s Turn Three
Turn 8: Laguna Seca’s Corkscrew
Turn 9: Monza’s Curva Parabolica
Ten: Silverstone’s Brooklands/Luffield
Turn 11: Bonus....
Turn 11: Spa’s La Source

Obviously joining part of the tracks is a bit complicated so
there is still work to be done, if the project really interests
me I will detail it well!

What would be your ideal route? Leave your comments and share!!! Maybe we create it!

-Grass FX
-Rain FX
-30 pits
-IA (in track day have a problem, i fix later)

Latest updates

  1. Tree Fx , 40 pits and more

    Add: 40 Pits Tree Fx Kerb and sand aera in 360 R / Monaco Some textures add. Make our...
  2. Change of plans!!!

    Hi Racers I have decided to end this project here. It was just an experiment according to the...
  3. Some Upgrades!!!

    First of all, thank so many users who have given me their comments on the project (@tm19racing...

Latest reviews

How Cool! I enjoyed the track. I hope there is still ongoing effort to seamlessly connect the frankentrack so there isnt massive bumps at he connection points.
Excellent job! The only problem I have is falling through the road on the inside of the initial left turn into the corkscrew.
Was grinning all the way round..... Coming across all my favourite corners introduced beautifully...... Very heavy on my cpu and doesn't look quite there yet!!!!.... Genius tho!!!!
I LOVE this map! Playing a lot on it with various classes, thanks for taking the energy to work on it!
Thank you for your amazing effort. I really like it. Is there still a chance for changing the pit boxes up to 36 cars?
Great track
awesome curcuit would love to see the nurburgring carousel addded somewhere
still needs that fine tooth comb treatment but its a fun track. with added Lesmos for a surprise effect
So, the potential is amazing for this track. The transition areas could bear to be a bit smoother, especially for the sake of low-riding cars, and the 130R-to-Mirabeau Haute section, coming into the Monaco hairpin, really needs much better warning coming into Mirabeau. It's a very jarring slam-shift right turn.

Down the line, I would advocate for, perhaps, consistent scenery and track textures, and addition of a couple sections like the Karussell (replacing the Brooklands/Luffield section), the Mulsanne Straight (with chicanes, leading through the Mulsanne Kink, into Parabolica), and the Luyendijk banked turn from Zandvoort (that fast, banked right-hander, last turn on that track) somewhere between the Catalunya bit and the Corkscrew, and lastly, l'Epingle, the hairpin from Montreal, perhaps replacing La Source or some other hairpin on-track.
Thanks for the review, I'm already making changes between those, it's curved towards Mirabeau and trying to smooth out some joints and change textures. Later the idea is to make another project with other curves.
Track is amazing!
Giving 4 stars because as I'm writing this review parts of different tracks aren't well connected, especially speaking about visibility (blind corners).
Wish you'll keep updating the track to make it perfect!
Thank you for your comments, the idea is to refine it as best as possible, if you tell me exactly which points you think need improvement I would be grateful, as it is easier for me.
Excellent idea absolutely love it. If I could make 2 suggestions, I think the lead up to 130R should be a bit wider and would love to see the "The Karusell" (Nurburgring) in there. I know you got LS Corkscrew right because I still hate it :) :) great work buddy. Will be keeping an eye out for updates.
Thank you for your comments, if the entry to the 130r needs to be changed, it is already on its way. As for the carousel, it will come in another project...
Great potential! Thanks for the lot of work you and very modder do for this communitty! I hope to see this track growing and getting better as it has a TON of potential to become a very very NICE track, BTW the idea of mixing legendary turns into circuits has been tried to do in the real world as well. Iin the case you didn't know take a look at Ascari Circuit (Spain). Cheers!!!!
Great job. Brilliant idea and well executed. It really does deserve a whole lot of time and effort to get textures and other details, and the AI lines, up to a premium level.
An optional skin without the red section ends would also give a more realistic option.
Alright, I'll make some changes, leave one texture for all the tracks and remove those joints. Thank you for the comments.
nice track but shame there are only 30 pits
Hi, the next update include 45 pits or more?
This is epic!
Hi, thanks !!!
Wow man, you're a magician !
Feels like "super max circuit".
Awesome work.
Big thanks
Thanks!!! i hope enjoy it!

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