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This mod requires you to suspend your knowledge of history for the best experience, with that being said....

Welcome to the 1988 FIA World Sportscar Championship!

With Manufacturer interest growing world wide Sports Car racing is hitting its stride, 1987 was a banner year for the FIA World Sportscar Championship and in a bid to increase public interest for 1988 the FIA has announced the creation of a true "World Sportscar Championship" composed of only full time entries and racing alongside major championships across the world such as IMSA GTP and the newly formed European Sportscar Championship.

With an expected 36 entries the grid will be composed of the top factory drivers from Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, and Chevrolet as well as numerous privateer entries from the top gentleman drivers in the world.

The series will be making stops at some of the worlds premier circuits including Spa, Monza, Watkins Glen, Interlagos, Silverstone and more to be a true World Championship.

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Ok, you can stop role playing now back to reality!
First and foremost, all I have done is type and drive my sim a bunch, so not much that requires talent....

As for the talent we must thank,

The supremely talented Ralf1973 for his beautiful Sauber C9 skins, they are works of art!

and the ever busy highly creative chrisi2174 for their unbelievable Porsche 962 skins! If only there where more cars available in game so we could use them all!

The goal of this mod was to have a more diverse and theoretically realistic grid as I found when I raced the AI the cars typically separated themselves by marque and led to feeling like you where only racing on manufacturer.

Currently we are at v0.1 as the holiday weekend is coming to an end and id like to share my current progress in hopes of tips and suggestions. I intend to update this mod with new skins and cars if they are released for quite some time as it is my favorite class of car all time and a dream of mine to drive since I was a child, F1 Challenge was able to scratch that itch but offerings have been subpar since.

The cars are closely balanced at the tracks I have tested on with the exception of the Porsche, no matter what i try its always a second slower than the other cars. I have achieved mixing the Porsches in with the others from the midfield back but as of now they cannot fight at the front.

Every Livery is one that would have been seen on track, with the exception of the default Reiza skins, in the era and every skin is driven by a fully fleshed out AI driver who drove the car in period with only a few exceptions.

Every car has its own appropriate to the time and livery driver with a unique personality created using data stored in my head from all those books I have read and youtube videos I watched starting around the age of 12, I was a C student for what its worth and I cant remember what I had for breakfast, take that for what you will. No real research other that spelling and country codes where harmed in the creation of this thing? I have mashed together and typed.

The front of the field should be composed of the Factory Teams and as you work your way back you will find more privateers and gentleman drivers.

As a result of balancing for the Porsche you will have to adjust your AI slider in some completely illogical manner, i dont know good luck. Ive determined the cars to be, in order from slowest to fastest, Porsche, Mercedes, Nissan, Corvette. When I drive the Corvette I have to increase AI Difficulty by about 11 Percent while in the Porsche you would need to lower the difficulty 2-3 Points. The Mercedes and Nissan fall in between. Unfortunatly if you are a faster driver than me you might find yourself out of luck as you could just be faster than the AI, I'm pretty quick but far from alien so give it a shot!!

If any talented, or not talented I'm not that picky, painters would like to help out with other cars I would be eternally grateful, fell free to message me!

Coming Soon....

Championship mode with tracks and weather accurate to the pretend 1988 World Sportscar Championship

Hopefully improved solution for the Porsche Problem

Custom values for Low Downforce configuration tracks

Skins for the Nissan and Corvette


Constantly tweaked AI Values


More Group C cars like maybe a Jaguar or Mazda or actually something unique that hasnt been in every sim ever????? Man am I grateful for the Corvette..... Hopefully Reiza continues making my dreams come true!!!

Most of all I hope this brings joy to somebody that would be pretty sweet, happy new year everybody and thanks for letting me silently be a part of this community for so many years, it means a lot! Also what do you think is the best sim?
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Great work!
Ben Harbur
Ben Harbur
Thank you!!! Much appreciated!!!! All credit goes to chrisi2174 and Ralf1973 for their beautiful skins!!!! The Corvette and Nissan skins are still very much WIP because I suck at photoshop.
yes , whe are waiting for some good skins, for the nissan and Mazda / Peugeot (great car) Jaguar comes in the future to AMS2 (the Prototype C was a great pack of cars)

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