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This is a quick adaptation of the WTCC 2012 and 2013 mods for Race Remaster and added TinyTweak updates.
This is NOT my mod, I only edited/updated it.

Original Readme says:
"Any changes to the files are allowed without asking, but please share them with the community if you think you have improved this mod towards a more realistic way."

Original mod is available here if prefered:

Some textures are edited where needed, but as much of the mod as possible is kept as it was.
Car setups are also kept from original mod.
A few fixes to glitches has been added and a few car names have been edited for consistency.

SEAT: A little bit car body UV-map editing, slightly more red and less shiny rear lights.
Lada: Damage file fix, lights texture fix.
Chevrolet: Smoothened the filled air intakes in grille, less shiny rear lights.
Ford: Few minor things, less shiny rear lights.

Not much testing has been done, so there might be some errors.

/Andreas FSC

Original Readme:

Unofficial WTCC 2012 mod for Race 07 series by Tatino a.k.a. Tato - April 2013

First of all sorry for my bad english, I hope there are no misunderstandings at all.


This is my belated attempt to put together a proper mod about the WTCC 2012 season, not only a skinpack (at least I've worked hard for this purpose for about 200hrs in the last 2 months).
So this is NOT a pure and simple copy/paste collection of various stuff founded around the web - not at all. I've putted a lot of effort to make things working well (but please consider that I'm a "one man band" not professional modder with few knowledge and no skills at all, working on a 7 years old single cpu pc - shared with my younger brother btw - using old and poor programs and tools, so please be gentle before starting to blame me), editing around 70% of the files - more or less - for many reasons: some were simply wrong, other have issues, other were missing. I've made a lot of stuff from scratch as well, with my poor knowledge and lack of skills, as I've already wrote. Cars skins are all reworked - from 5% to 95%, depends on the textures - or made from scratch sometimes.

And now, after this necessary (and surely boring) introduction, some inner infos about the mod.


This is the car models included (please note that cars and class id are suited for my installation, if you have some conflicts with other mods in your install change them by yourself in the .inccar files):

- BMW 320


Based on Simbin's BMWsi 2009 model, but with corrected hood and front air intake (textures corrections only) used for customers 1.6L turbo-charged engine (2011-2012-2013 seasons). Includes corrected lights as well (2010 - onwards). Engine and few physics changes made by me, based on 2011 mod specs.

- SEAT Leon


Based on the well known 2008 TDi Simbin model, but with some adjustements (3d objects and textures), made by me to better represents the 2012 edition of the car (mainly wider rear window and facelifted rear lights). Surely not visually perfect, but working. Engine and few physics changes made by me.

- Chevrolet Cruze


Based on Simbin's WTCC10/STCC2 expansion packs model, with the corrected front grille already seen in 2011 mod, but with less reflections (on the grill, not all the car!), plus some other minor changes. Engine and few physics changes made by me, based on 2011 mod specs.

- Ford Focus


Based on original rFactor model made by DANZ, converted to Race 07 by PetraGTC. Very high level model and textures imho. I've changed something here and there, like new working lights (nothing special, but closer to real ones imho). New engine and few physics changes made by me as well. Official AON team textures made by PetraGTC.

- Honda Civic


Based on original rFactor model made by DANZ, converted to Race 07 by PetraGTC. Very high level model, unfortunately the 2012 real car was facelifted, so this one does not match perfectly the real counterpart, so consider this a sort of optional "bonus car", if you want to remove or skip it it's not a great issue imho (the car has only 3 championship's entries in the last 3 rounds with driver Tiago Monteiro). This car is much more important if someone will release a future 2013 mod, but surely I'm not the right person for doing an updated car model. Anyway, I've made new textures (based on PetraGTC ones) to resemble more to 2012 real car. Added working wipers (many thanks to Portoalto), updated the physics, made new engine (now the car seems fast and consistent as it should be), plus some other minor changes.

- before asking about the Lada Granta: sorry, no, there's no Lada Granta in this mod. This is due to various reasons. The most important is that atm there's no good, suited and usable WTCC 2012 Lada model, afaik. Moreover, Lada raced only a couple of events in 2012 (with great UK driver James Thompson) for testing and evaluation purposes. This car will be much more important for a future 2013 mod (is someone will made it), because is scheduled to entry all 2013 championship with 2 drivers.

Here are the available drivers, teams and cars:

#1 - Yvan Muller - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12
#2 - Robert Huff - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12
#3 - Gabriele Tarquini - Lukoil Racing Team - SEAT León WTCC12
#4 - Aleksei Dudukalo - Lukoil Racing Team - SEAT León WTCC12
#5 - Norbert Michelisz - Zengõ Motorsport - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#6 - Franz Engstler - Liqui Moly Team Engstler - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#7 - Charles Ka Ki Ng - Liqui Moly Team Engstler - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#8 - Alain Menu - Chevrolet RML - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12
#9 - Rickard Rydell - Chevrolet Motorsport Sweden - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12
#11 - Alex MacDowall - Bamboo-Engineering - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12 (Shanghai round livery)
#12 - Pasquale di Sabatino - Bamboo-Engineering - Chevrolet Cruze 1.6T WTCC12
#14 - James Nash - Team Aon - Ford Focus S2000 TC 2012
#15 - Tom Coronel - ROAL Motorsport - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#16 - Alberto Cerqui - ROAL Motorsport - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#18 - Tiago Monteiro - Tuenti Racing Team - SEAT León WTCC12
#18 - Tiago Monteiro - Honda Racing Team JAS - Honda Civic S2000 TC 2012
#20 - Darryl O'Young - Special Tuning Racing - SEAT León WTCC12
#22 - Tom Boardman - Special Tuning Racing - SEAT León WTCC12
#23 - Tom Chilton - Team Aon - Ford Focus S2000 TC 2012
#24 - Isaac Tutumlu - ProTeam Racing - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#25 - Mehdi Bennani - ProTeam Racing - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#26 - Stefano D'Aste - Wiechers-Sport - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#27 - Gabor Weber - Zengõ Motorsport - BMW 320 TC WTCC12
#40 - Andrea Barlesi - SUNRED Engineering - SEAT León WTCC12
#73 - Fredy Barth - SEAT Swiss Racing by SUNRED - SEAT León WTCC12 (Shanghai races livery)
#74 - Pepe Oriola - Tuenti Racing Team - SEAT León WTCC12
#88 - Fernando Monje - Tuenti Racing Team - SEAT León WTCC12


In order to work correctly this mod requires Race 07 (obviously), plus WTCC 2010 Simbin's official expansion (sorry for this, otherwise I need to replicate too much original files), and the very good WTCC 2011 mod made by Adam Jonas (szekto) and others (findable i.e. here: for BMW and SEAT sounds.
Extract mod folders from the archive, paste them into your race 07 installation folder, overwrite when prompted (but not a single existing file should be replaced). If for some reasons you have already a WTCC_2012 folder into your \GameData\Teams path please remove or rename it before installing this one.


- Honda Civic wipers don't match real counterparts ones. Anyway, sometimes it's better to have something instead of nothing, as we use to say in Italy (solved in ver. 1.01).
- Fredy Barth car livery miss the logo on the blue part of the roof because I was unable to find usable infos or pictures about it (solved in ver. 1.01).
- There's no championship file due to the fact that some extra tracks are needed, but you can add them by yourself and make a proper WTCC_2012.bch file in Gamedata\Championships\Official folder.
- few others I forgot along the way (sorry).


- Honda Civic wipers now are correctly positioned and have the right movement as the real car (many thanks to portoalto that has made these new working wipers).
- Added the missing logo on Bart's car (thanks to portoalto again).


- Added fuNK! updated wheels for ROAL Team BMWs.
- Small corrections to some BMWs interior windows.
- Small changes to BMW and Honda physics and base setup.

CREDITS (strictly in alphabetical order, more or less...)

- Adam Jonas (szekto) and others for some WTCC 2011 mod files I used for reference (like cars engines and physics), Chevy 2011 front bumper, BMW's and SEAT's sounds. He gave full permission to use, so many thanks to him.
- Fiasco for the great BMW's tail lights. Thanks for permission to use as well.
- fuNK! for permission to use corrected BMW's hood and front intake (in ver. 1.02 are included also his great ROAL's BMWs wheels) and for warm and enthusiastic interest about this mod.
- Petra for Ford Focus + Honda Civic conversions (thanks to DANZ for original rFactor models too of course!). Many thanks also for the quick reply and permission to use, and for all her high level releases.
- Portoalto who made a great job with the tricky Honda wipers and patiently researched clues, infos and pictures about Fredy Barth's Shanghai livery in order to add the missing logo on the car's roof. Many thanks for his precious help and work.
- all the unknown (to me!) authors of the car liveries I used as base (except for AON Ford Focus made by PetraGTC, Honda Civic made by me starting from PetraGTC unfinished one, Fredy Barth's and Alex MacDowall's cars skins made by me from scratch). They are taken from a couple of skins packs (founded googling around the web in search of a 2012 mod...) with no readme files, nor infos about the author/s, so in this case it's really impossible for me to ask for permission or even to credits the original authors: since I don't want to steal anything to anyone (or that someone could think so), please understand my pure intentions and apologize me, if someone will recognize his own texture/s or parts of them I will be glad to give all the right credits asap. Anyway all the textures were edited by me for various reasons, most of them in a heavy way (around 95% more or less), so please, accept my apologies again.
- SIMBIN for giving us a lot of unresolved bugs (LOL), and a lot of cars and tracks too.


This mod was made by a sim and real racing enthusiast (me) for personal use only, with the contributions of various authors (see above), and shared with other sim (and maybe real too) racing enthusiasts (you), and provided as it is, without any kind of warranty. Anyway, feel free to report bugs and issues, I will try to solve them if I could. Feedback and any constructive and polite criticism (even if they aren't positive of course!) will be appreciated.
Any kind of commercial use of this mod it's STRICTLY FORBIDDEN. This mod is for free only, not to make money.
Feel free to upload this mod anywhere you want, till credits are given and this readme file is NOT deleted from the pack.
Any changes to the files are allowed without asking, but please share them with the community if you think you have improved this mod towards a more realistic way.

No animals were tortured in the making of, except for my PC mouse (LOL).

Regards, Tatino

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