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WTCC 2012 - 2013 1.1

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WTCC 2012 - 2013 Mod for Race 07 by Tatino & Mysho v1.1

Things you need to run the mod:

1. Race 07 from Simbin
2. WTCC 2011 mod from szekto (Adam Jonas) INSTALLED. ( / -
3. Funk's 2011 Coronel Rim update ( because we are using this update on ROAL cars.
4. WTCC 2010 expansion pack for tracks and BMWs

5. If you wish to use Ladas you need Race On for sounds, because Lada Priora is using sound files from it. (Lada Priora 2009 model, physics suited for 2013 season with replicas of 2013 skins, no Grantas in the mod)


Things to do before installing the mod:

1. Remove WTCC_2012 folder from Gamedata/Teams (if any)
2. Remove WTCC_2012 folder from Gamedata/Talent (if any)


Installing the mod:

1. Unpack
2. Copy Gamedata and Uidata to your Race 07 folder (Program Files(X86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Race07)
3. If you do not like the fact there is also Lada Priora in 2013 Season, simply go to Steam/steamapps/common/Race07/GameData/Teams/WTCC_2012 and remove folder Lada Priora. This will delete the Lada from 2013 Season.


Uninstalling the mod:

1. Remove WTCC_2012 folder from Gamedata/Teams
2. Remove WTCC_2012 folder from Gamedata/Talent


This mod contains 2 full seasons with cars and tracks as well as championship files.


CREDITS (copied from 2012 mod by Tatino + added new authors of new things for 2013 part of the mod)


- Adam Jonas (szekto) and others for some WTCC 2011 mod files I used for reference (like cars engines and physics), Chevy 2011 front bumper, BMW's and SEAT's sounds. He gave full permission to use, so many thanks to him.
- Fiasco for the great BMW's tail lights. Thanks for permission to use as well.
- fuNK! for permission to use corrected BMW's hood and front intake (in ver. 1.02 are included also his great ROAL's BMWs wheels, same as O'Young's car in 2013 season) and for warm and enthusiastic interest about this mod. (still working on some following updates for Chevrolet Cruze)
- Petra for Ford Focus + Honda Civic conversions (thanks to DANZ for original rFactor models too of course!). Many thanks also for the quick reply and permission to use, and for all her high level releases.
- Portoalto who made a great job with the tricky Honda wipers and patiently researched clues, infos and pictures about Fredy Barth's Shanghai livery in order to add the missing logo on the car's roof. Many thanks for his precious help and work. Also for his nice personality and his patience.
- SIMBIN for giving us a lot of unresolved bugs (LOL), and a lot of cars and tracks too.
- zolibphc and Roland Szabo for making the 2013 skinpack used in 2013 part of this mod.
- guys from R-Modding FB page and specially Plett for making us Honda Civic skins and Lada Priora skins for the 2013 season.
- Denis Vorobjov for Lada Priora 2009 model used in the 2013 part of this mod.
- all the unknown (to me!) authors of the car liveries I used as base (2012 Season) (except for AON Ford Focus made by PetraGTC, Honda Civic made by me starting from PetraGTC unfinished one, Fredy Barth's and Alex MacDowall's cars skins made by me from scratch). They are taken from a couple of skins packs (founded googling around the web in search of a 2012 mod...) with no readme files, nor infos about the author/s, so in this case it's really impossible for me to ask for permission or even to credits the original authors: since I don't want to steal anything to anyone (or that someone could think so), please understand my pure intentions and apologize me, if someone will recognize his own texture/s or parts of them I will be glad to give all the right credits asap. Anyway all the textures were edited by me for various reasons, most of them in a heavy way (around 95% more or less), so please, accept my apologies again.

- Special thanks to Mr. Tatino from Mysho for all his hard work, cooperation, his time spent on this project, his helpful personality and his patience with all the things needed while doing this mod.


About the 2013 part of the mod modded by Mysho:

This part contains all the cars as seen on 2013 events, using liveries from Zoli and Roland Szabo, slightly edited by Tatino for 2012 cars.


Things that might be coming to this mod in the future:

- fuNK!'s updates for Chevrolet Cruze, new rims, new GMT body.
- New layout for Thermas de Rio Hondo
- New physics for the 2013 part as this mod is using 2012 cars with 2012 physics.

Latest updates

  1. v1.1 - Texture updates, physics updates, added Oriola's Cruze, for full info see changelog in readme

    (Go to GameData/Teams and delete the WTCC_2012 folder before installing updated version of this...

Latest reviews

excellent mod,thank you very much.
WTCC is the number one class :)
Great stuff, no doubt about that. Thanks a lot for the modder's effort.

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