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Yas Marina Revision 2

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F1 ......
Pro Edition Dynamic Track...

2016 Series....

"Yas Marina"


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Latest updates

  1. Complete Track Update

    use 7zip to open archive, otherwise you will have corrupt files
  2. *Yas Marina* For F1 Simulator Only...

    *Yas Marina* For F1 Simulator Only...
  3. ver 2 is a completely new redone version, the old one was scraped.

    ver 2 is a completely new redone version, the old one was scraped.

Latest reviews

You really destroyed the website with a couple of your mods. Its looking very very ugly, this inst a simulator all this isnt good. The skins are the same just other ugly rims, engine sound are horrible, i dont know what do you want. The tracks are unrealistic, cars too. You name the mod F1 Simulator, simulator should make realism in game, but this what you made, it isnt a simulator.
what are you talking about, its at least 10 times better.. funny.. you sound like a codemasters employee
good job again
i really like this track, especially the evening to night time. Just one thing though, so of the colours are really virbant, is there any ways to turn it down a notch i.e. the boards with the pink / green yas marina bits
not really, because its dynamic. I did notice it gets verry bright when driving the mc Claren, there are about 18 different lighting scenerios, If I killed the Dynamic part, you would have 1 time of day only and 1 lighting.. try switching cars
Distressing and bad
empty account TROL

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