Youtube android auto Fix ** WORKS AGAIN **

Youtube android auto Fix ** WORKS AGAIN ** 3.0

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Do you have a buffer/loading screen when wanting to play a youtube video via the android auto? I have the fix,

I bought this game a couple of days ago and i'm a game developer with 5 years experience. I went looking through the file and fixed the script to make it work again!

Step 1: Download the file and unpack it
Step 2: go to assettocorsa\extension\lua\cars\android_auto\apps
Step 3: remove the youtube.lua file and paste the just downloaded youtube file in the folder

If it does not work try remove the entire youtube file and replacing it with the one you downloaded! Or look for the file youtube.lua in the youtube file and delete it

If its low fps its not my fault, I only updated the api to make it work again! You need to try to figure out what is wrong since I dont have the problem. I cant do anything about that and you need to try changing settings or other things

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  1. It works again! Bug fixed

    It works again big thanks to CrisCore98 for fixing it! I looked into the bug and some months ago...
  2. Update coming today!

    Wow didnt think you guys would figure out how to fix it! When i was trying to make it work the...
  3. Should I update?

    So I have a version that sometimes works and most of the time not, do you want me to upload that...

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ok its not allowing the URL youve got to figure out how to let us sign into youtube this is failing because this is a free version of watching youtube without ADS some need to be able to sign into youtube premium or deal with the ads on youtube or it will keep failing and not working the URL has been banned because we need to sign into youtube premium.
I get failed to get video url. not allowed url and a github link
это не работает
its not working
it does what its supposed to, it gets rid of the constant loading screen and allows you to watch the videos like its made to do!
a few days it worked, now its just buffering.. i already tried everything i could
It worked perfectly! Thanks.
Cant get youtube to work anymore with CSP 2.0.1-Preview 2. I gave this 5 stars still since your fix worked perfectly until I updated to the latest CSP. Any plans on making this work for new CSP?
Would love to make a fix but I think thats a bug in the new csp, I think that the fix could possibly work later. If not ill look into it!
uhm, you said remove youtube file, so i did and placed the one i had to place back and no0w its gone, thanks
You deleted the wrong file, thats not my problem. Install custom shader pack again, and its back.
nice one good fix
Not working in CSP v0.2.1 Preview1 version
fixed it, thanks
doesn't work again (new CSP 0.1.80preview428)
Make sure you didnt add the files but you need to remove the whole file and paste in the new one
now it's work
best regards
Works flawlessly since the last update :)
Guys, This guy from YT fixed it!!!!
Let's leave a like for that Goat!
And get back behind the wheel :DD
Im updating it after criscore98 fixed the bug. Give a big thanks to him. Funny thing is that i tried the same thing as him but it didnt work ill credit him because i think that video is just the bug fix ofcriscore98
I'm getting the "failed to stream video" error. When will you fix it? I've been waiting for months. Please fix it. It ruins the fun of the game.
Doesn't do anything, still wont stream a video
I have replaced fix files with yours, but It showing as " Failed to stream video " could you please help me to fix this issue?

Please consider about this
Have you guys find a way to use it on 0.1.80 csp?

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