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Zolder 1967 V.2 2017-11-21

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This track was converted to Assetto Corsa by derDumeklemmer. I have upgraded the track by removing all of the trees and adding completely new ones, adding 3D grass and road bumps. Now the track looks polished.
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Latest reviews

added 3d grass? where? like 2 strands?
How truly mediocre
Thanks You
I'm really enjoying this track! Thank you!
Bonjour Gilles,dommage que les stands ne soient pas fonctionnels,aussi non belle conversion.
Pit is not working since the pit area is not defined as pit. No pitbox shows up. Grass is floating in the air. There are places where your car suddenly sinks 15 cm into the road. Shame, it could have been a nice track to race on..
Fantastic work ...You are a master ... Please don't retire from track modding.
I love this layout so thanks for the updates. The AI is still borked though, with them veering to the right on the start/finish straight and crashing into the cones that line the pit lane. Try it with 12 FIAT Abarth Assetto Corse and you'll see what i mean.
I tested on the track with the 1967 F1 car and it's very well done. Great job!
beautiful circuit, shame that almost nobody makes or converts from other games 60 years because many prefer modern layouts, we hope that we can listen to us lovers of vintage
Glad you like it, I myself have zero interest in modern motor racing, F1 is shite these days. I am currently finishing my last few tracks before I retire from track making (work commitments) i will soon be releasing Snetterton 64, Aintree and Preluk.
Looks fairly good but the road mesh makes for an underwhelming drive, feels flat apart from a handful of unnatural large bumps
Extremely well done.

Great layout, very nice textures and generally nice to look at (feels like a GPL track done today).

Two complaints: those excessive bumps need to be ironed out and the AI line isn't that great (but it's okay).
I like this track, fast track, especially with old mods.
With some mods, at the height of the first Martini sign makes a few strange side potholes but I even like them.
There is no speed limit in box and i can´t stop to change fuel for example.
I imagine it will go in future updates.

Good work !

It seems that in the 60s there was no speed limit in the pits in real life , LOL, but we want to use them because we use all tracks with all mods jeje :p
If you want a pit lane speed limit just open the surfaces text file in zolder67/data folder, go to the bottom of the text file and find [SURFACE_5] KEY=1PITS, at the bottom is a line that says "IS PITS=0" change 0 to 1 and hey presto you have a pit lane speed limit.
5 stars because I like this layout. I did 7 lap run with 330 P4 and didn't find anything wrong. Stable fps. Bumps add more immersion. Nice addition to the classic(proper) racetracks. Good work.
Nice to know I'm not the only fan of 60s race tracks. I only ever use 60s cars and tracks. Modern motor racing is crap. I'm releasing an update of Dessauer Rennstrecke today with bumpy roads.
I´ve been driven with Tatuus Formula Abarth and this track is awesome, maybe one of the most fun to drive, for sure it´s one of the track you must have on AC, congratulations and many many thanks
5 Stars for you!!!!
Thanks. I've just found a new technique (for me anyway) of adding road bumps. In the next couple of days I'll be releasing an update of the Dessau Rennstrecke circuit with a much better road surface.

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